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Cardio Fast Lane: 30-Minute Rowing Routine


When you only have half an hour at the gym, grab a pair of dumbbells and make a beeline for a rowing machine. "Rowing burns up to 13 calories a minute," says LA-based trainer Jay Blahnik. "And it works nine major muscle groups—everything from your back to your calves."

The benefits inspired Blahnik to cocreate Shockwave, an Equinox fitness class that alternates rowing intervals and strength exercises. "The mix gives you a complete workout," he says. "And the sculpting moves also let you catch your breath so you can push yourself hard again when you get back on the machine." Give the combo program a try with this routine, and don't be surprised if it quickly becomes your favorite way to squeeze in a session.

To help you get started,
1. Click on the plan below for a printable PDF of this workout
2. Refresh your knowledge of the exercises with our step-by-step cheat sheet
3. Don't miss out on downloading a super-motivating music mix to accompany this workout!

What are you waiting for? Get rowing! 


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