That treadmill collecting dust in your basement? Wipe it clean. These new innovations for indoor runners will change the way you think about the "dreadmill."

By Samantha Lefave
Photo: Sorapop Udomsri / Shutterstock

Thanks to companies like Peloton and Flywheel, it's easier than ever to take a boutique-style spinning class from the comfort of your living room (no shower lines!). But spinning isn't the only workout breaking into the home market. Treadmill studios, big-box gyms, and standalone apps are finally making their move, capitalizing on the fact that treads are the most common piece of at-home cardio equipment. (Related: Westin Guests Can Soon Take Spin Classes from Their Hotel Rooms)

Whether you already have a treadmill at home or you're looking to finally make an investment, these are some of the most exciting options for runners. Now let's put the "dreadmill" nickname to rest, shall we?

Peloton Tread

If you're a diehard indoor runner, then Peloton-the company famous for bringing live-stream spin sessions into the home back in 2014-is here to give you all the bells and whistles. Earlier this year they unveiled Peloton Tread, a high-tech treadmill that grants you access to a wide variety of live and on-demand classes, including Total Body (a circuit and boot camp–style routine that has you doing work on and off the treadmill) and Run (a more running-focused session). Consider it a solid option for those who don't already own a treadmill (it doesn't get much fancier than this one, what with its shock-absorbing slats and 32-inch HD touchscreen), and those who want to plug into a virtual community that offers up encouragement from around the world. But the treadmill will put you back a pretty penny: It rings up at $3,995, plus a $39 monthly subscription fee. Payment plans are available for those who don't want to pull that much out of their pocket all at once. (More: This New Peloton Treadmill Could Change the Way You Look at Indoor Running Forever)


If you already have a treadmill that's collecting more dust than miles, wipe it off and get ready to run. Forte, a streaming service that offers a wide variety of boutique classes-think dance, boxing, and barre-both live and on-demand, now has one to three live running classes available each day. They've partnered with MyStryde and RIPPED Fitness, Boston- and New York–based treadmill studios, so you can choose between strength and cardio classes, long-distance endurance runs, and fast interval sessions. Just sign up for the $39/month membership (first month is free), set up the app on your tablet or phone, and start moving.


The new app Studio allows users to choose between hundreds of on-demand audio classes (seriously, new classes are added every day) from instructors at über-popular places like Orangetheory Fitness and Barry's Bootcamp. The best part: You'll only pay $15/month, or $99 for an entire year's membership. Seeing as the average class of a New York City–based boutique class is $34, that's a significant savings. Own an Apple Watch? It opens up additional features, like being able to compete with others who have taken the class in real time. Each class also earns you FitCoins, Studio's virtual in-app currency. Rack up enough and you could score prizes like complimentary classes or a new pair of kicks. (Also try: The 30-Day Treadmill Challenge That's Actually Fun)

AMP by Gold's Gym

For those who prefer big box gyms over boutiques, don't sweat. Gold's Gym recently launched AMP, an audio-coaching app that houses hundreds of low-, medium-, and high-intensity workouts. Whether you want a treadmill interval workout, a rowing routine, or a bike ride, you can choose from a variety of classes ranging from a mere six minutes to a full hour. For runners, specifically, there are currently over 40 treadmill-specific workouts available, with new classes added each week. Another fun perk: If you hate the music that's automatically paired with your workout, you can switch it to whatever you like (including tunes tailored to your BPM), as the app has access to more than 40 music genres and thousands of ready-made DJ mixes. Oh, and it's cost-effective too: Membership is only $10/month.

Technogym SKILLRUN

Treadmills are great for, well, running, but Technogym's latest innovation wants runners to remember that cross-training is just as important. Enter SKILLRUN, arguably one of the most innovative, high-tech cardio machines currently on the market. Not only does it have plenty of programming for walking and running (with both incline and decline options), it also has modalities that allow you to simulate sled-pushing and parachute training. Plus, it spits out real-time assessments of your stride length and cadence, helping you improve your form along the way. Seriously. The machine is being rolled out at select resorts, hotels, and gyms nationwide, including Life Time Fitness. You may not be able to take a live class, but with the built-in programming and high-tech tools, you won't even miss it. Plus, you can just race the person next to you-whether they know it or not. (Just makes sure you avoid these eight treadmill mistakes.)


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