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This Duo's Dance Moves Turn the Treadmill Into a Club


Looking to spice up your average treadmill routine? Robert Lenart and Maxim Schleicher, two fitness/dance instructors from Germany, have put together an energetic treadmill dance routine that you can actually do yourself at home.

Robert Lenart & Maxim Schleicher

Ever since Carson Dean's unbelievable "Uptown Funk" treadmill dance video went viral and Dean appeared on Ellen, the world has been crazy over this new kind of cardio workout. Lenart (left) and Schleicher (right), were inspired by Dean to create a similar video themselves. But rather than focusing on the entertainment factor, they wanted to make it doable. Clearly not everyone can run backwards and do flips while simultaneously moving on the treadmill. These guys tailored their choreography to the average person.

This particular synchronized dance routine to Martin Solveig's +1, offers plenty of variety. It combines cardio and strength training through both upper and lower body movement, resulting in an intense full body workout. With a run time of 2 minutes and 54 seconds, this video is a great way to learn the moves and adapt for a personalized routine of your own.

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