Let's just say this was not a couch-potato watch party.

By Samantha Lefave
August 11, 2017

Antonio Corallo/Sky Italia

When it's time to binge-watch a TV show, the first place you go: the couch. If you're feeling ambitious, maybe you'll go to a friend's house, or hit the treadmill for a few episodes. (Hey, it keeps you distracted.) But dedicated runners in Italy brought a whole new meaning to the definition of binge-watching-so much so, in fact, that it deserves its own term. My vote? Fit-binge.

Instead of hosting a viewing party with a huge TV, comfy seats, and snacks galore, Sky, a European broadcasting company, partnered with advertising agency M&C Saatchi and asked runners and spectators to run "The Marathron." No, that's not a typo-it's the name of an ultra-marathon in which runners could watch the first six seasons of Game of Thrones on a giant TV screen fitted on the back of a truck.

Antonio Corallo/Sky Italia

So, at least they got the huge TV memo.

Runners started season 1, episode 1, in Rome, and made their way across the Italian countryside. Participants had to keep pace with the truck in order to binge-watch all 60 episodes, even trekking through the night, using only the glare of the TV as a source of light. In total, the show ran for 55 hours and 28 minutes, and some runners covered approximately 350 miles while watching, reports Adweek.

That said, 350 miles is a lot of distance to cover, so much-needed breaks were built into the course. Sky divided it up into several stages across Rome, Montalcino, Massa, Carrara, and Bobbio.

Of course, those who signed up for this ultra-fan fest weren't treated to your standard medal and chocolate milk at the finish line. (Though I really hope they were fed all the bagels they could ever ask for.) As soon as they reached Sforza Castle in Milan, runners settled in to watch the (pretty epic) season 7 premiere.

This isn't the first time a running event has been used to promote the release of a new show or movie, either. In April, Baywatch hosted a 0.3K Slow Motion Marathon to promote the new movie. So, perhaps it's the start of a new fit trend?


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