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Hilarious Parody Video Captures Struggle of New Year's Fitness Goals

We’re a week into the new year, and if you’ve kept your goals so far, good for you! But seven straight days of rock-hard resolve for morning workouts and saying no to sweets is probably starting to get to you a bit. Your struggle is real—just look at this hilarious Meghan Trainor "Lips Are Moving" parody video. The newest rendition of spoofs of our favorite songs that also make us feel better about being human (did you see Taylor Swift Parody Video That Shows Why It’s Hard to Resist Temptation During the Holidays?), “Legs Are Moving” is an anthem for every girl who has ever committed to clean up their routine—and then felt that resolve wane after weeks of maxing out her willpower. (Psst: here's The Trick to Having More Willpower.) We couldn’t have described the struggle better: Running circles to appease your Fitbit, adding a little kick so you’re inclined to drink another green smoothie, and the best line of the whole song: "I wanted cake, but I chose protein.” Bring it on, 2015.



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