And, no, it didn't come easily.

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Everyone has a form of exercise they love to hate. Maybe you tried yoga and your body just doesn't bend that way, or swimming laps is equivalent to your own personal hell. Surprise! Personal trainers and fitness bloggers are no exception. Despite being fit AF, trainer Anna Victoria was never fond of running and used to avoid it all together. Often candid on Instagram (she's been honest with her followers about her stomach rolls and posed fitness photos), Anna told Shape about how she started running to beat a workout plateau (a very real problem for mere mortals and trainers alike). Read about her experience, then use it as inspo to tackle your own fitness obstacle.

"Until recently, the idea of running never appealed to me. But I had hit a plateau doing interval cardio workouts, so I decided to give it a try. At first, I couldn't even run 10 minutes straight. Weeks went by with the same run-walk-bail pattern. Until one day, I reached that 10-minute mark and thought, Wait–shouldn't I be getting tired right now? What's going on? I'm still running!

Many, many times during that run I didn't think I could go any longer, but I kept at it. I reset my clock, telling myself, You only have five more minutes. I counted my steps to distract myself. I'd always kind of accepted that I'm not a runner, so when I reached 30 minutes, it was a revelation, a mental breakthrough. I can run." (Next up: An Open Letter to Runners Who Think They're Too Slow.)

Is there a sport or activity you never thought you could do? Follow Anna's lead and start slow and small. You'll be surprised at how much you can build up to!

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