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How Far Will SHAPE Staffers & Readers Trek on Walk to Work Day?

Jennifer Beck, Nutrition Editor

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“I've never walked to work (I'm always in a rush to get to the office in the mornings), but if the weather is nice, I do walk home. I live in Brooklyn, so I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I've mapped my route and found out that it's just under 4.5 miles. Hopefully, I'll be doing this more as the daylight lasts longer and longer.”

Claire Connors, Special Projects Editor

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“I walk to and often from work, which adds up to 1.5 to 3 miles a day. Weather permitting; I try to walk by South Street Seaport, with a view of the East River as my company.”


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I walk three block to the subway then five staircases, six more blocks and five more stairs. I could always take the elevator but want to stay in shape!

Karyn Repinski, Deputy Editor

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Deputy Editor Karyn Repinski crosses the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge but her entire commute isn’t as good looking! “My walk to work is 4.9 miles. This view really made me laugh!”

Laurel Leicht, Copy Chief

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“This is a shot from Christopher Street, which walk down every morning to get to the 1 train downtown. I probably walk a total of six blocks to and from the subway.”

SHAPE Reader @TheMamaRuns

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Two kilometesr uphill to get home, pushing my daughter in the stroller. I had to pause for winter but I’m back for spring!

Danielle McNally, Associate Fitness Editor

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“I walk three and a half blocks from my apartment to the subway and four blocks to get from the subway to the office. So seven and a half blocks total!”

Joanna Muenz, Associate Photo Editor

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Associate Photo Editor Joanna Muenz has great willpower, she passes the Astoria Beer Garden every day! “I walk 1.12 miles on my usual commute walking to subway on both ends.”

SHAPE Reader @Leny286

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I walk about 4.2 miles to and from work every day. There's a shorter route but it's not as pretty.

Tara Van Der Linden, Photo Researcher

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Photo Researcher Tara Van Der Linden’s commute is quite different depending on the seasons! Check out the snowman she passed this winter. “I walk .61 miles one way to and from the subway.”


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Little over a mile each the long scenic way home often too!

Karen Borsari, Web Editor

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It takes me an hour so I only walk to work when it's really gorgeous out. But when the weather is good I alternate days of running to or from work. Using my commute to get 3.41 miles in makes me feel super productive.

SHAPE Reader @UnathleticRunnr

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Beautiful view of Boston on my four mile run this morning—very sunny and windy!


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