Eleven sneaky ways to up those Fitbit steps throughout the day

By PureWow
January 04, 2016

You guys: A recent study says that adding an extra 3,500 steps to your day (about a mile and three quarters) could be the ticket to losing those last five pounds. But man, 3,500 steps can feel like a lot, especially when the days are short and you've got Netflix to watch. Here, 11 creative ways to sneak in the numbers on your Fitbit (or, ooo, Mira).

Walk Around the House While You're Brushing Your Teeth

Do it for about two minutes and you've earned around 100 steps.

And Walk Around the House While You're On the Phone

If you're going to rehash the workday, you might as well be productive about it.

Skip the Drive-Through And Go Inside

Yes, you have five minutes to order your coffee at the counter.

Take the Stairs

Even if you just go one flight and then hit the elevator

Climb the Escalator

Slower, sure. But 20 extra steps are 20 extra steps.

Use the Restroom on a Different Floor

Whether you're at work…or at home.

Park on the Outskirts of the Parking Lot (Or Garage)

Just drop a pin so you don't forget where you parked. And stroll leisurely.

Do an Extra Lap Around the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

Without adding anything extra to your cart.

Do the Same At Your Local Mall

Hello, it's also a great way to keep your eye on all the sales.

Carry in Grocery Bags One At a Time

Your back wins. Your pedometer wins. Everything wins.

Do a Five-Minute Cleanup Before Bed

Remember what we said about brushing your teeth? You've just earned yourself 200 steps.

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