Created by a team of Google employees, Racepass could cut the cost of high registration fees for 5Ks, fun runs, and marathons.

By By Jahla Seppanen
Updated: May 10, 2017

Sure, running is an investment in your health, but the cost of all those races can quickly add up. The average cost of registering for a half marathon is $95, reports Esquire, and that was back in 2013, so that number is likely even higher today. Meanwhile, longer distances can you set you back a couple Benjamins (the Boston Marathon is $180, the Los Angeles Marathon is $200, and the New York City Marathon is $255).

Organized races have seen an overall dip in participation for the last three years, reports Running USA. Although this hasn't been directly correlated to cost of entry, rising race costs could have played a role. Even if you love running, why not do it for free once you have a few bucket list races under your belt?

But a group of Google employees and running enthusiasts hope to lower the cost of running all those races on your to-do list. Chase Rigby, Tom Hammel, and Thomas Hanson just launched Racepass, the first-ever subscription-based membership to cut the cost of race fees.

Members pay an annual flat fee for access to more than 5,000 races across the globe. As of its May 9 launch, Runners have three subscription options: three races for $195 per year; five for $295 a year, and an unlimited, race-your-heart-out option for $695 a year. Any runner who loves to race can quickly do the math and see that's a bargain. (Don't like math? Here: If the average race sets you back $95, and you want to do three races a year, it'll cost you $285. But three-race Racepass members could save $90 for the same number of races.) Bonus: Racepass subscribers also have access to training plan and trackers, and they can form teams, work toward a shared goal, or invite friends to races straight from the platform.

"As runners, it was obvious to us that the simplistic nature of running wasn't reflected in the racing industry," says Rigby, in a press release. "With Racepass, we want to encourage people to run more races, help race directors lower the cost of acquiring race registrants, and give race sponsors and athletic brands a more efficient advertising solution."

Pretty soon you won't feel guilty about ordering those incredible finish-line photos that cost you 100 bucks.


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