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Real Women Reveal: How Zumba Changed My Life

Kelsey Kemmer

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Zumba helped Kelsey Kemmer of Fitness Fanatic 007 to find a healthy balance: "I love working out but I was a little too obsessed with it at one point. Now I've changed up my routine to include fun classes like Zumba and I have never been happier!"

Annette Perkins

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Becoming certified to teach Zumba helped Annette Perkins of Fitness Perks rediscover her childhood passion: "I was a ballet dancer so it's fun for me to use that training and shake my thang!"

Elisabeth Tavierne

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The first time Elisabeth Tavierne of Chaarg tried Zumba Fitness she learned what a great workout dancing can be: "It's amazing how much dancing can make you sweat, and the thing is—it's so fun! You don't even realize you're sweating until you wipe your hair out of your face and feel your hand dripping."

Tania Carillo

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After moving to the U.S. from Mexico, Tania Carillo discovered Zumba as a way to blend the two cultures, eventually becoming a Zumba Fitness instructor: "I absolutely love it! I have found that through dance, people from different cultures and backgrounds can come together and forget their daily troubles, inhibitions, and just have fun! Plus, it is a great workout."

Sue O'Lear

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Zumba helped Sue O'Lear of Mrs. Fatass overcome her depression, and now she's certified to teach so she can help others: "I am a chubby Zumba instructor at a YMCA and a dance school. I have seen Zumba bring people out of their shells, make them feel sexy again, and for me I think Zumba has totally helped me kick depression's butt."

Michelle Stilley

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Finding a workout that can work for a wide range of ages and abilities is hard, but Zumba has become a uniting force at Michelle Stilley office: "A coworker and I organized an at-work group Zumba class for our office. It was fun to see our 60+ clinic manager shimmying next to the 20-something nurses. We have a lot of fun with it and I would definitely say that it's a class that can be modified to fit the needs of anyone-young, old, male, female, pregnant, etc."

Christie O'Sullivan

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Dancing in a Zumba class, Christie O'Sullivan of Average Moms Wear Capes gained some serious body confidence, Brandi Chastain style: "Zumba made me take my shirt off halfway through, toss it, and yell into the air whilst on a 'Zumba High,' which does indeed exist as I can attest!"

Theodora Blanchfield

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Zumba got Theodora Blanchfield of Losing Weight in the City out of her running box and helped her realize that you don't have to be great at something to enjoy it: "I'm not coordinated enough to do Zumba—I have 3 left feet!—but I love it anyway."


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