Imagine jumping on the elliptical...and stepping off at your office door. To burn calories on your commute is the idea behind the StreetStrider, a three-wheel platform propelled by your arms and legs that combines the benefits of jogging, skiing and cycling. Its inventor, Dave Kraus, says he loved using the elliptical for its full-body, low-impact cardio workout - "but I didn't like that I was confined indoors while using it." He designed the StreetStrider as a way to get a great workout that could double as an eco-friendly means of transit. "We focused on creating a durable machine that burns lots of calories, but without causing any stress to the joints," he says. A recent study by the Rose Center for Health & Sport Science found that riding the StreetStrider burned about 50 percent more calories than riding a conventional bicycle, most likely due to the full-body motion required to propel and stabilize it. In the spirit of multitasking, here are five other ways to burn fat and calories on your commute:


Roller blading

Walking - especially with cellulite-melting turbocell leggings and toning shoes

Riding the subway. Squeeze in a workout with one-arm "push-ups" on the pole; one-arm chin-ups or pull-ups on the overhead bar; and seated isometric ab crunches (sitting upright with shoulders back, inhale and contract your navel to your spine; rotate upper body to the left, contracting left oblique. Hold for 15-60 seconds; repeat on right).

Taking the elevator. Pass the time with calf raises, wall sits or wall push-ups. Wall sits: Lean with your back against the elevator wall in a squat, with knees bent 90 degrees. Hold for 10-60 seconds. Wall push-ups: Place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart on the elevator wall, walking your feet roughly three feet from the wall. Bending at the elbows, lower your upper body toward the wall, then push back to starting position. Do 10-20 reps.

Exercises courtesy of fitness expert Tom Holland.

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