And they're no longer yellow.

By Faith Brar
Updated: May 12, 2017

Designing a bike that doesn't go anywhere is actually much harder than you think, which is perhaps why it's been four years since SoulCycle has given their rides an update. But now, after years of testing and engineering, the indoor cycling sensation is debuting brand-new bikes, in the hopes of giving Soul devotees a much smoother and efficient ride no matter what studio they frequent. (Related: Fit Celebs Who Swear By SoulCycle)

Dubbed "Soul Bike Next Gen", the new-and-improved rides are designed in collaboration with Stages Indoor Cycling to achieve enhanced design and function. Along with losing their infamous lemon-yellow hue, the new rides promise more bike-to-bike consistency between studios, SoulCycle explains in the press release. And they plan on doing that with new ergonomically correct handlebars, which include new grips, indents, and bumps in key hand positions.

A small bump was added in position one to make the bike easier on your wrists. And more small indents were created for your hands in position two and three to provide more stability and comfort while doing push-ups and the other choreography SoulCycle is known for. So, basically, you'll know exactly where your hands should be in each position.

Via SoulCycleThe update also offers a more precise way to adjust critical parts. Right now, SoulCycle bikes offer three key adjustments: seat height, seat depth, and handlebar height. The new bikes will allow riders to adjust the handlebar depth as well. And finally, a new belt drive with a magnetic resistance and a carbon belt drivetrain will allow for a much smoother ride. While that means no more squeaky wheels in class, it will also make bikes more uniform across studios. The bikes will start appearing in studios around New York starting this month, and the 6,000-bike nationwide rollout is expected to be complete in the next 18 months-so get ready to say your goodbyes to those yellow bikes in the meantime.


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