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The Surprising Work Perk You Get From a Run

Every runner knows that pounding the pavement is just as important for the mind as it is for the body: Sure, it boosts your heart and reduces your risk of cancer, but science also shows running can lift your mood, help treat depression, improve memory, increase the brain's capacity to learn, and prevent mental decline. And, for many it can be a form of therapy, helping to clear the mind from emotional stress. In summary: The 'runner's high' is very real.

And now you can add one more thing to the long list of mental perks: A new global survey from Brooks revealed that running helps to 'rejuvenate creative juices'. According to the survey, running offers a blank canvas for new ideas—in fact, 57 percent reported that its the time when they come up with their most creative thoughts. We can second this: Something about the monotony of pounding your feet on the pavement really frees the mind to think outside the box.

Brooks Running Survey

Brooks also broke down a whole host of other tidbits in the above infographic as part of their Global Run Happy Report. A few of note? Apparently, running is an aphrodisiac—more than half of runners surveyed report that "the energy boost from running is a natural turn-on." Less surprising: 59 percent of runners share their runs on social media. We're shocked that number's not higher based on our Instagram feeds alone!

The biggest survey bummer? One-third of women reported that an unsupportive sports bra is the biggest running challenge they face. (Other research has also confirmed breast pain is a major barrier for women to working out.)

The highlight of the survey was that nearly all runners (97 percent to be exact) reported that running makes their day better. And it's clearly a priority even away from home—95 percent of runners said they pack running clothes while traveling. That's commitment. Not a runner yourself? Get started with our 30-day #RunIntoShape challenge.


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