13 Thoughts You Have Before Running with a Friend

Wait—how fast do you go?

When you mostly run alone, you tend to develop your own routines-you go at a certain time, stick to a certain pace, follow the same-old route. For that reason, when a friend asks you to join her on her jog, it can be fun (you get to switch up your routine), and also terrifying (you have to switch up your routine). This is the thought pattern that ensues the second your friend says the words "run date".

"You want to run with me? Great!"

It'll never happen.

"Oh, tomorrow? Greaaaaat...."

Oh no. Immediately, you start to wonder...

So how fast do you go?


Wait, how fast do you go??

Am I the slow one?

Are you one of those people who stop a lot?

I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that...

Will you be pissed if I need to stop?

I mean, sometimes I need a drink of water. I'm not made of stone.

You're going to talk to me, right?

The one good thing about running with people is that they can keep you entertained.

Are you one of those people who listens to music while running together?

I can't compete with Bey blasting through your earbuds.

How far are you planning on going?

For two reasons: (1) I need to get my weekly miles in and (2) Will I even have enough to talk about for that long?

Wait, how far??

Uh oh. (Get prepared for these 20 Thoughts You Have On a Long Run.)

I'll have to wash my cute running clothes tonight.

Guess I can't wear my favorite T-shirt with the holes in it.

What time do you want to head out?

I'm sorry, I'm not starting at noon in August. (See also: 7 Honest Thoughts You Have During a Humid Run.)

Do you expect to sit around talking once we're done?

Because really, I want to immediately go home to shower and change.

This'll be fun!

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