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Which Workout Burns More Calories?

Running vs. Swimming

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Should you pound the pavement or dive into the pool for the ultimate calorie burn?

The Winner: Running

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Swimming has many benefits, including giving you a great full-body workout while keeping it easy on your joints. But if a super-high calorie burn is what you're after, you're going to have to sweat it out. Running at a seven-mile per hour pace for one hour burns nearly 700 calories, while swimming at 50-yards-per-minute burns around 550 calories per hour.

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Biking vs. Inline Skating

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You're ditching the car and have decided to take another set of wheels to the office during the warm weather months, but do you want two wheels or eight?

The Winner: Biking

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Turns out two wheels are better than eight. Ride to the office at about 12 to 14 miles per hour for one hour and you'll burn around 560 calories, approximately 60 more calories per hour than inline skating. Whatever way you roll, we suggest keeping a continuous speed and not coasting for maximum burn.

Frisbee vs. Beach Volleyball

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You're not content to just sit at the beach and watch the waves, but should you toss a Frisbee with your friends or organize a game of beach volleyball?

The Winner: Beach Volleyball

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Get that game going! An hour-long game of beach volleyball will burn about 484 calories, while that Frisbee toss will only burn approximately 208 calories per hour.

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Football vs. Soccer

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Your friends are playing recreational sports this summer, but you can't decide which team to join.

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The Winner: Soccer

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Both sports are great for burning calories and burning off some steam, but with its continuous running (no stopping to start another play), playing soccer can burn more than 600 calories an hour, while football comes in at around 500. Get tips from pro soccer player Marta Vieira da Silva here.

Kayaking vs. Surfing

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You're seaside and want a refreshing way to burn off calories, but which sport to dive into?

The Winner: Kayaking

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Both kayaking and surfing are great for your core and your arms, but kayaking actually burns more than 100 more calories per hour, 346 compared to surfing's 208, so pick up that paddle!

Hiking vs. Horseback Riding

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You're on an active vacation, should you sign up for hiking or horseback riding?

The Winner: Hiking

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Horseback riding is a great core workout, but for the ultimate calorie burn you'll want to hit the hills without the horse. Hiking burns 400 plus calories per hour, while horseback riding only burns around 270. Just make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes (check out our favorite gear here!) or your hike and your calorie burn won't get very far.

Yard Work vs. Car Wash

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If chores take over your gym time, which to-do will serve your body best?

The Winner: Yard Work

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Although washing the car might keep you refreshed on a steamy day, you'll burn more calories doing yard work. Attack those weeds to torch 270-plus calorie an hour and leave the car washing (only about 200 calories burned per hour) to the pros.

Yoga vs. Brisk Walking

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You want to take in the pleasant weather and give yourself some piece of mind. Which exercise should you do: a relaxing but brisk walk or some outdoor yoga?

The Winner: Yoga

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Take your power yoga routine outside and burn about 340 calories an hour, compared to 242 for walking at a three-mile per hour pace for the same amount of time. Check out these outdoor yoga tips for help getting your "om" on outdoors.

*Calorie estimates for these exercises based on a 145-pound woman.


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