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Why This Blogger Doesn't Want You to Take Running for Granted

A significant number of people would rather perform any other physical activity over running. But even if you love marathons, experience runner's highs, and thrive on the mind-clearing benefits of running, you may never take a moment to fully appreciate your ability to run. But you should.

Ali Feller, the blogger behind Ali on the Run, recently shared her frustration about having to miss out on Global Running Day, due to having Crohn's disease. "We never know when we might not be able to run, either because of illness or injury or just work being really crazy," she said on her Instagram story. "So if you're able to run today on Global Running Day, which I hope you are, I hope you enjoy it."

Crohn's disease is a condition that results in inflammation of the GI tract, causing abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, anemia, and fatigue. While people can go months without a flare-up, one may strike at any time—which, as you can imagine, makes running difficult. (Read about her experience with the disease in her own words.)


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There are days Feller can't run at all, and she often finds herself needing a bathroom mid-jog. She woke up today with the intention of participating in Global Running Day, but instead she ended up stuck in the bathroom, scrolling through #GlobalRunningDay posts on her feed. "It was tough seeing all the events I was supposed to be at and all the social activities happening in celebration of the sport I love–and I was watching from my bathroom," she says.

She has a passion for running (she also has a podcast dedicated to the subject), but it's the days that she can't run have made her appreciate it the most.

"That's part of what Crohn's has done for me—it's given me so much gratitude and makes me appreciate every single run. Even the bad ones," she says. It's apt advice for anyone whether or not they have a condition or injury that affects their ability to run (here are 30 reasons to appreciate running). The next time you're feeling unmotivated, try to focus on being thankful for your body's capabilities—they aren't a given.


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