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You Won't Believe Why This Runner Lost the Bronze Medal at the Beijing World Championships

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Nooooo! Our hearts are breaking for American runner Molly Huddle.

Huddle was running the 10,000-meter race at the 2015 Beijing World Championships on Monday and seemed poised to snag the bronze medal (coming in behind Kenya’s Vivian Cheruiyot and Ethiopia’s Gelete Burka, who won gold and silver respectively). But with the finish line thisclose, the runner threw her arms up in the air in a preemptory victory celebration—giving fellow American Emily Infield, who was right on her heels, the edge she needed to power past Huddle and cinch third place. Just watch how insanely close it was below at the 0:05 mark (below). (Science proves it: Too Much Multitasking May Ruin Your Speed and Endurance.)

“In that last half step, I just let up too much,” Huddle said to Universal Sports. “Emily was right there the whole time with just more momentum. She got that bronze. It’s going to take a long time to get over." We bet even with tired legs (she basically sprinted for just over a half hour), Huddle's kicking herself. 

Infield admitted she felt bad, but that didn't stop her from reveling in the win. “I just ran through the line,” she said. “I feel a little guilty because I feel like Molly let up a little. I don’t think she realized how close I was. I was just trying to run through the line. I’m really thrilled.” Who can blame her? 

We're all for confidence—especially on the finish line—but this should be a warning to all runners about the perils of celebrating too early. Note to self: The victory comes only when the clock has stopped! (P.S. Check out these 12 Amazing Finish Line Moments.)


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