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20 Funny Yoga Tank Tops to Inspire Your Flow

Namasté in Bed

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Hit the mat or hit the hay in this hilarious—albeit slightly unmotivating—muscle tank from My Pebby Forevee. ($28.95; (Stuck in a yoga rut? Try these 14 Poses to Revamp Your Vinyasa Routine).

Photo: Pebby Forevee

Yoga Girls Are Twisted

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Yoga girls are twisted... or so they say. However you interpret it, you'll look cute and comfy. ($42;

Photo: Reverence Apparel

Yoga—I'm Down Dog

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Who wouldn't be down for a yoga sesh in this pretty burnout tank? ($35;

Photo: Fave by VFish

Yoga Made Me Do It

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You can get away with almost anything with the right excuse—just try telling us this one isn’t gold. StyleStalker’s cheeky, slouchy crop is the perfect get out-of-jail-(er, studio?)-free card. ($48;

Photo: Carbon38

Let's Get It Om

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Just don't let your instructor get the wrong idea when you rock this flowy Teespring tank top to class. ($20; (See Why Yogis Are Better in Bed!)

Photo: Teespring

Nah Imma Stay

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Not only will this Ohm K tank make you look like a boss, but $1 of every purchase will be donated to Edible Schoolyard NYC, an NYC nonprofit organization committed finding an effective solution to childhood obesity. ($36;

Photo: Ohm K

Yoga - My Favorite Way to Pretend to Work Out

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Practice your yoga and indulge your laziness, or find your inner zen and maybe take some naps too in this unisex tank top, available in several colors and styles. ($29;

Photo: Look Human

One Bad Yogi

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For yoga renegades who indulge in the occasional burger, have never been to a shakti dance class, and admit to not always knowing your asana from your elbow, this Erin Motz tank was made for you. ($32;

Photo: Erin Motz

Namaste Bitches

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This yoga-rap paradoy might be a little risque for Restorative Yoga, but it'll make a splash in a Power session. ($20;

Photo: Manifesto Print Co

Drop and Give Me Zen

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Zen out in this cool, lightweight tank that's perfect for gentle or power yoga. ($18.74;

Photo: Skreened

Heavily Meditated

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Everfitte is one of Etsy's most popular vendors—and for good reason: they believe that what you wear should be fun, positive, and look totally awesome. We agree! ($26; (Getting zen can make you work out harder. See why, plus 16 more Powerful Benefits of Meditation).

Photo: Everfitte

Anne Hathanaway

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The always-on-point Shop Betches named this hatha/Anne Hathaway hybrid tank top The Opponent. ($25;

Photo: Shop Betches

Rollin With My Omies

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Your whole Vinyasa crew will want to rock this vintage-looking Reverence Apparel top. ($42;

Photo: Reverence Apparel

Yoga Butt

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Show off that junk in the trunk and let people know you mean business in leggings and this tri-blend tank. ($32;

Photo: Buy Me Brunch

Om at Me Bro

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Rally your crew for a yoga sesh in this tough-girl tank from Activate Apparel. ($29;

Photo: Activate Apparel

All My Yoga Pants Are Dirty

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Perfect for the woman who never takes off her spandex. ($20; (Find gray leggings to match this top, plus more Shades of Grey Activewear for your workouts.) 

Photo: GraceByKate

No Place Like Om

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Close your eyes, click your heels, and let this tri-blend tank top transport you to your happy place. ($28;

Photo: OWL

Kick Asana

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Get your game-face on with this empowering gray and silver tank from Live Ohm K. ($36;

Photo: Ohm K

Yoga Coffee Wine

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What gets you through the day? This flowy tank top says it all! ($37; 3rdculturestyle)

Photo: 3rd Culture Style

Double Pigeon

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This Honu Yoga tank features an interesting depiction of this hip-opening pose, with part of the proceeds going toward saving the ocean. ($30; (Conquer pigeon plus more of the Best Hip-Opening Yoga Poses).

Photo: Honu Yoga


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