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22 Graphic Tees That Sum Up How We Feel About Working Out

Just a Casual Reminder...

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Show the mascara-wearing, just-got-a-blowout queens who's boss at the gym with a tank top that reminds them they're not in a bar. (22;

Photo: Chin Up Apparel

No More Dreadmill!

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Fat Amy said it best in Pitch Perfect—sometimes, we just can't handle the treadmill (and for those times we want everyone to know that, there's this top. ($25;

Photo: Inner Strength Apparel

We Work Hard for Our Dinner

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There's no shame in exercising for the post-workout meal—especially if the thought of mouthwatering tacos is what's pushing you harder in spin class. ($32;

Photo: My Pebby Forevee

How Financially Fit Are You?

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If you're broke from frequent spin, pilates, yoga, etc., then this flowy tank top is your first step toward admitting you have a problem. Though you will have to shell out some cash for it. Decisions, decisions... ($44;

Photo: Shop Betches

It's Not Lazy If You're Sweating

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Hey, not everyone can run 26.2! But we won't judge if you're catching up on OITNB on your iPad while on the elliptical—whatever gets you moving, girl. ($23;

Photo: Look Human

All Hail Queen Bey

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We know Beyoncé works hard for her body, but sometimes we need a visual reminder that she didn't actually just wake up like this. ($30; Tees in the Trap)

Photo: Tees in the Trap

No Pain, No Gain

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You wouldn't think 20 seconds of all-out exercise would be so hard, but you'd be wrong. This tank top is a reminder of why we put ourselves through the pain. ($32;

Photo: Reverence Apparel

There's No Easy Way Out

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You can't change your body for the better without putting the work in. This exclusive Bandier x Good Hyouman tank top is soft, loose, and oversized, so your sweat marks might not be too bad in it after all. ($36;

Photo: Bandier

Why We're Always Up for a Partner Workout

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This could be a good way to get a guy's attention at the gym, or it can be an epic fail. Just make sure they understand the pun before you two grab smoothies. ($25;


What, Am I Walking Funny?

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If yesterday was leg day, rock this bright tank for your morning-after sweat session so people understand your crooked walk isn't a condition—you just killed it. ($22; 


Don't Mess With My Flow

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When you just want to get in down dog without someone messing up your flow, turn it to up dog to flash this tank. Hopefully, they'll get the message. ($23;

Photo: Activate Apparel

Just Get It Over With

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If you're not one of those can't-shut-up-about-it runners but do it to burn calories, then this witty t-shirt (available in 17 colors!) is what you should be wearing next time you pound the pavement. ($14-$24;


Hey, Let's Keep It Real

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This sparkly burnout tank alerts anyone who sees you on the treadmill that you mean business. ($20;


You *Know* You Look Good

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Give someone else a compliment while giving yourself one because, hey, your butt does look awesome in those yoga pants. ($22;

Photo: Fit Club Apparel

You Kick Ass Like Katniss

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Because no one wants to be known as the girl who wouldn't survive the first day in Hunger Games arena, broadcast your hard-earned skills with a top JLaw would approve. ($23;

Photo: Look Human

Everyone Needs a Reason, Right?

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If you've had a long day dealing with annoying clients, coworkers, and bosses—or children, for that matter—put on this tank top to make gym-goers aware that you're about to break a serious sweat. ($23;

Photo: Funny Threadz

Age Is Just a Number

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For anyone with kids, or a wicked sense of humor, rock this shirt to let all the boys know who's "got it goin' on." ($22;


Sorry, Not Sorry

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Girls can have guns too, and this tank is sure to get a little snack talking going with the guys in the weight room. ($14;

Because Meghan Trainor Said It Best

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Those endless barbell squats will guarantee one thing—when you're wearing this top, it's all about that bass. ($48;

Up for a Little Competition?

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If you're the type of person who surreptitiously races the person next to you on the treadmill, make your competitive side known with a tank top that does the talking for you. ($23;

Photo: No Bull Women

Fair Warning!

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If anyone dares to mess with you in the weight room or, god forbid, cut in front of you for the treadmill (!), this top is all the warning they need to back off. ($25;

Photo: Constantly Varied Gear

But Wouldn't It Be Nice?

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This tank really sums up how we feel when we're lacking workout motivation, but, alas, we know a good ol' sweat sesh is always better than a bitch fest. ($16.50;

Photo: Skreened


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