Some tricks to know before buying new workout clothes.


It doesn't matter if you spend $20 or $120 on your workout clothes. While you want them to look good, you also expect them to stay put and not distract you when you're wearing them. Since you can't exactly go for a three-mile run or hit up a full yoga class to test them out, here are some things you can (and should!) do in the dressing room to figure out if they'll be your next favorite piece.

Run and Jump

This is a great for sports bras and tops to ensure your girls are supported without shifting down to reveal your nips. Run in place, run with high knees, do some jumping jacks, squat jumps, side-to-side jumps, and take note of how your chest feels.

Down Dog to Plank

Bending over is a great test to see if gravity wins and exposed your boobs or not. Get into a Downward Facing Dog position (upside down V), and then shift your weight forward into a plank position with your shoulders over the wrists. Repeat this six or so times and then stand up. Is your chest escaping out the top or sides of your bra or tank? Is your shirt so loose that it's flopping up overhead, exposing your belly? Maybe you're OK with that, but if not, put it back. And while you're in Downward Dog, turn around so your tush is facing the mirror to make sure the fabric isn't see-through.

Squat and Lift

This is a great test for bottoms. Squat down nice and low and stand back up eight or so times. Then do some leg lifts out to the sides. Is the waist sliding down exposing the top of your tush? Are the shorts cutting off your thigh in a weird, uncomfortable way? Your bottoms should feel like second skin, so if they annoy you now, they're no good.

Twist and Raise

Stand tall with the arms out wide and twist to the left and right, swinging your arms from side-to-side, and raising them up and down. Is your shirt riding up instead of staying at the waist? Are there any seams bugging you?

Go Rogue

Lastly, throw in some extra movements or exercises you do often, for the true test. And don't be afraid to step out of the tiny dressing room to do them-if you're nervous about wearing this unbought item in a store, there's no way you'll want to wear it at the gym. Do a handstand against the wall, some burpees or mountain climbers, or a few fun Zumba moves. Any clothes you're considering for purchase should fit well, be comfortable, and inspire you to exercise!

This article originally appeared on Popsugar Fitness.

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