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9 Stores You Never Knew Had Workout Clothing


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If you're looking for Cool Girl workout clothing, look no further than H&M. You won't find any in-your-face technicolor leggings here, but you will find hip monotone track suits and super cool sports pants that can double as activewear and Saturday morning coffee-wear. (

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If it's good enough for whimsical wedding guest attire, it should be good enough for workout clothing, right? Anthropologie's workout attire section is on the smaller side, but it's very curated. They've got everything from this sexy-yet-functional pair of Mesh-Striped Studio Leggings to duffle bags that can double as cute weekenders. They're definitely worth a look. (

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No doubt, gym- and club-life intersect at Zara, where the clothes are over-the-top and even a little futuristic looking. Zara's activewear department is big on metallics and anything and everything sheer, like this Semi-transparent Sweatshirt. Full disclosure: you don't even really need to be a gym rat to shop in their athletic department. (

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As far as activewear sections go, Target's is large and in charge. Everyone's favorite superstore covers serious ground with its gymwear department, carrying everything from bright, patterned leggings to old school, loose-fitting sweatpants that your mom probably wore in the '80s (but are actually cool now). (

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Forever 21

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It's almost impossible to stop into Forever 21 without taking a browse through their workout clothing. Not only does their activewear inventory run deep, but it also comes with the same happy, youthful attitude as the rest of their clothing—think crop tops and graphic tanks like this ALI Graphic Tank. (

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Like most of their clothes, Gap's workout attire—Gap Fit—is mainly classic pieces that you'll be able to wear for years to come, but with a little twist. From super cozy (and bright!) pullovers to stylish, strappy sports bras, you'll never run out of workout wear options. (

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Free People

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Not all of Free People's workout clothes look like, well, workout clothes, but there's no denying that they're gorgeous and really look like they came from the Free People brand. Some of the clothes are legit gear to work up a sweat in (while looking fabulous!), while others, like these Luxe Satin Joggers, err more towards "brisk walk." (

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Urban Outfitters

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Keeping with their hipster vibe, Urban Outfitters' activewear is both cool and a little quirky. You can either go classic with these Adidas leggings or try something a little more wild, like bright floral leggings. Also good to know: They have amazing yoga mats. (

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Old Navy

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Old Navy's workout clothes are functional and cute—without being fussy. Skipping the bells and whistles, Old Navy's activewear will work for just about anyone, and this affordable brand carries everything from headbands to water bottles to sweatshirts, like this fleece pullover, which is perfect for a cold morning run. (

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