This new Adidas shoe is not only lighter and stronger than everything else in your closet, but you can also compost it in your backyard

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
November 21, 2016

Shoes are not just another fashion item, especially for ladies killing it in the gym. Next to a sports bra, your sneakers are arguably the most important piece of your workout wardrobe, with the ability to make or break you (sometimes literally). Because of this, experts advise buying the best quality athletic shoes you can afford, lacing up styles appropriate for your sport, and-gulp-replacing them every six to eight months. This takes a big toll on your wallet, not to mention the toll on the environment. But one company is out to save both you and the planet with what may be the greenest shoe yet: The Adidas Futurecraft Biosteel Sneaker.

Despite its healthy image, sports leave a huge footprint (ha!) on the ecosystem. All those training and running sneakers you toss after you log mile after mile just sit in a landfill releasing toxins from the plastic products they are made from. To help fix this problem, Adidas invented the shoe made from silk biopolymers-think spider silk but without the cringe-worthy 8-legged manufacturers. And this isn't the foreray into environmental products for Adidas. Last year they revealed a shoe crafted almost entirely out of ocean garbage from The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Futurecraft prototype is made entirely from the bio-silk material, "the strongest fully natural material available," and because it's natural, it biodegrades cleanly in the soil, according to a press release by Adidas. This means you could, theoretically, recycle your worn out running shoes in your backyard. But not only is it better for planet Earth, it's also better for you. The company says the Futurecraft sneaker is 15 percent lighter, which can shave precious ounces off a shoe and therefore you're running time as well. (See: run faster and jump higher.) Talk about fashion and function! The compostable spidey shoes aren't on the market yet but Adidas hopes to have them available to the public soon. We have a feeling they'll be flying off the shelves.

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