Your fave budget workout wear meets your fave celeb trainer—what could be better?

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: March 12, 2019

Target is like the unicorn of the big-box commercial shopping world; you can get stilettos, Starbucks, your weekly groceries, and a smartphone all in one place. If you've ever gone in and walked out empty handed, you seriously deserve some applause-but you won't be able to pull that off much longer.

Target's activewear line, C9 Champion, just teamed up with celeb trainer Anna Kaiser (you might know her for her signature AKT InMotion method or because she's trained stars like Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Duff, and Sarah Jessica Parker) to launch a line of activewear and athleisure that's so chic you won't believe it's still coming in at a Target price. (Try this crazy sculpting ab routine straight from her playbook.)

The 16 pieces (also available in plus sizes) range from $12.99 to $41.99, and cover everything from trucker hats and workout gloves to cozy wrap sweaters, joggers, sleek mesh leggings, and tanks. There will even be two maternity styles-a legging and a top-since the trainer herself is expecting.

Asymmetrical, strappy details and mesh layering make the sports bras worthy of being worn alone-but it'll be hard to resist slipping on one of the insanely comfy looking athleisure sweatshirts. The entire line comes in muted gray, black, navy, and white, with pops of pink.

If you've become accustomed to the C9 look, you better brace yourself, because they're rebranding. Don't worry-the cute and affordable clothing isn't going anywhere, but their logos are getting a high-fashion upgrade. They're ditching the orange and gray and swapping it for small silver "C9" logo that's tucked away near waistbands and the hems of shirtsleeves.

This isn't the first time Target has dabbled in the cool-girl area of the gym; in January 2016, they collaborated with SoulCycle on a line of activewear and to offer free pop-up classes across the country.

The only catch: You have to wait until January 1, 2017, to get your hands on these pieces at select Target stores and online. So save up your holiday cash-you're going to want to splurge on this.

Bonus: Target is making some of the content on Kaiser's AKT app available for free from January 1 through mid-February, so after you stock up on gear you can put it to the test with one of her workouts. (Can't wait? We've got her treadmill workout right here.)



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