Everything is under $100.

By Julia Malacoff
November 09, 2018

We love a good celebrity activewear collection. (Jessica Biel's yoga collection with Gaiam is one of our faves.) But when a famous trainer comes out with her own workout clothes?! That's even better because you know she knows exactly what you're looking for in activewear. It needs to stand up to sweat, be easy to move in, and look cute inside and outside the gym.

That's why we were psyched when Anna Victoria announced she's releasing an active collection with LA COLLECTIVE's brand Vita LA this month (they're also part of Morgan Stewart's cult-favorite TLA activewear line). As someone who spends a ton of time in the gym and is in touch with her followers on a daily basis, there's no one better than AV to come up with a collection that actually suits the needs of gym-goers. (BTW, she recently shared her 10-year fitness journey and it's amazing.)

The collection is packed with trend-focused pieces, like ombré, pastel, and vibrantly floral-patterned leggings and sports bras. But there are also some neutral options for those who are color-averse. Seamless pieces are available, as well as more traditional legging and sports bra constructions. High-necked sports bra–crop top hybrids are among the standout items in the collection.

Victoria also seems to have made it a point to share what the bras and leggings look like on a variety of shapes and body types in her Instagram stories, which is surely much appreciated by those debating what to order. (Hint: It's awesome on everyone!)

At the moment, the collection is available for pre-order and sizes run from XS to XL. The collection is expected to ship later this month-and judging by how many AV fans have shared screenshots of their shopping carts, it looks like it would be wise to get shopping ASAP if you want to snag any of these pieces.

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