At last, workout clothes for pregnant women that don't suck

By Julia Malacoff
October 25, 2016

There are lots of amazing workout clothes out there, but what the heck are you supposed to wear if you want to exercise while pregnant?! Sure, your regular activewear will probably fit you for a while, but after a few months, you're likely going to need some new active pieces to comfortably sweat it out. And if you've ever shopped for maternity activewear, you know that there aren't many options available for those who want to work out while pregnant and look fashion-forward at the same time. Luckily, active fashion retailer Bandier and lifestyle maternity brand Hatch have teamed up to create a super-chic solution we can totally get behind. (Here, we debunk the myth that exercising while pregnant is bad for you.)


Launching today, the six-piece capsule collection focuses on basics that can be worn to a variety of workouts. In a press release, Hatch CEO and Founder Ariane Goldman said that the collection is meant to "provide the activewear essentials that women will actually want to wear throughout pregnancy and after baby arrives too." Score. She also notes that while it's amazing that "there are so many channels, voices, classes with which to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle during pregnancy," there really are "no options to feel comfortable doing it." This collection seeks to fill that need. Prices range from $68 to $134, making it comparable to any other mid to high price-point active collection, and there's a focus on high-quality and high-performance fabrics, so you're definitely getting some bang for your buck.


The campaign imagery for the launch is entitled "Women Who Run the World" and features real women who are both leaders and mothers - showing them in all stages of motherhood. Bandier's founder, Jennifer Bandier, points out that "the wellness industry is largely driven by women and it's surprising to know that there are limited activewear and fitness resources for pregnant women." True that. "We hope this launch starts an important conversation about wellness and motherhood," she adds. We always love to see inclusivity in activewear, so we think this collection is especially awesome. After all, women of all shapes and sizes need workout clothes.