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The Best Athletic Shapewear that Really Works

Fila Space Dye Resistance Tops

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Thanks to clever bands across the back, these stylish tops from Fila's body-toning collection are snug yet comfortable and also help improve your posture. Plus, while they smooth your tummy they give your bust a boost.

Fila Toning Resistance Skort Capri

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Fila's skort capri (a skirt with attached capris) provide the best of both worlds: tight compression leggings for support and a flirty skirt over the top to flatter your hips and thighs. And while the concept isn't necessarily new, the bright colors of these leggings makes them as fun as they are functional.

Champion Shape Smoothing Pants

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Every girl needs a pair of LBP (little black pants) like these Champion smoothing pants to make your butt look amazing at the gym (or anywhere else). The bootcut leg helps balance your proportions and the higher waistband keeps everything tucked in where it should be. Plus, they're basic enough to wear to the grocery store after your sweat session.

Reebok EasyTone Tops

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Perfect for the fit chick who likes to have options, Reebok's EasyTone line has a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors to suit whatever mood you're in. With a lightly draped tank over the top of a compression layer, this tank proves that shapewear doesn't have to be skin tight.

StyleFirm Jacket

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Outerwear can be shapewear too, as demonstrated by the modern long jacket by StyleFirm. With the help of hidden mesh panels on the inside, it promises to "cinch the waist, lift the breasts, elongate the torso, and flatten the tummy." It sounds like a lot to live up to but after trying one, I have to say it's the most flattering jacket I've ever owned.

StyleFirm Competitor Capri Tights

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The biggest problem with shapewear is that the extra fat and skin have to go somewhere and it's usually up and out, in the form of a muffin top. But that's not true for these StyleFirm competitor capri tights, thanks to tight compression shorts underneath a slightly looser layer. The top layer stays smooth while the shorts shape your tummy, rear, and thighs—another bonus since most shapewear only focuses on the tummy.

Casall Moulded Cup Sports Bra

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Tired of uniboob? Casall, a recent import from Europe where they already have a dedicated group of fit fans, shapes your chest with the moulded cup sports bra. Mesh panels on the sides keep you cool while the individual cups keep the girls where they should be. The adjustable straps can be worn like a normal bra or a criss-cross back, depending on your top. Note that this bra works best for C cups or smaller.

Old Navy Foldover Waist Capris

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The go-to store for layering staples like tees and camis has a new Active Control Max line that aims to be just as indispensable for your workout wardrobe. Old Navy's foldover waist capris and pants have a fun pop of color to camouflage the mesh control panels underneath. Plus, the price allows you to be as frugal as you are fashionable.

Testers advice: Check the clothes carefully before you buy—sometimes construction can be a little cheap. My first pair unraveled on a leg seam after only one wear, but Old Navy replaced them without a question and the new ones have held up great!


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