The 10 Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts of 2023, Tested & Approved

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Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts

Shape / David Hattan

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your larger chest during a workout. From running to plyometrics (and even kettlebell workouts), having a cup size of C or greater can make you think twice about a high-impact fitness routine. After all, the ache of boob bounce is all too real — and at the same time, a sports bra that’s too constricting can be incredibly uncomfortable and even painful (not to mention the struggle of trying to get a sweaty sports bra off after a tough workout).

That’s why it’s so important for well-endowed people to find the Goldilocks equivalent of a perfect sports bra: not too loose, not too tight, and just supportive enough. In fact, a supportive sports bra will minimize bounce by up to 53 percent (which is pretty significant, considering an unsupported D cup can bounce two to three inches in each direction), as Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, Ph.D. previously told Shape.

“It’s really about finding the right fit,” says Marissa Renelt, customer service team lead and bra fit expert at Bare Necessities. “But there really is so much more to fit than just measurements—it’s about your breast shape, the lifestyle you have, and what you need to be wearing this garment for.”

To find that elusive perfect fit, Shape testers put some of the top-rated sports bras for large chests to work. After sweating their way through various workouts, testers noted how the sports bras performed in terms of support, comfort, and adjustability, as well as which sports bras stood out as being worth the splurge or best budget picks.

Here are the 10 best sports bras for large chests of 2023, according to our testers.

The Winners

Best Overall: Champion Spot Comfort

Champion Spot Comfort Sports Bra


Why We Like It: Its combination of comfort and support made this sports bra for large chests a winner, along with the way it held up over several washes.

It’s Worth Noting: The old-school Champion brand prioritizes function over fashion, meaning you won’t see any sexy straps or trendy patterns on these no-frills sports bras.

Champion may be a legacy brand (read: they’ve been around for quite a while), but testers felt pleasantly surprised and incredibly satisfied with the quality and the value of the Spot Comfort sports bra. For starters, testers called out the sliding straps as being actually easy to adjust; plus, the three hook options on the back band make it possible to get the perfect fit (not to mention, it’s way easier for large-chested people to get in and out of a sports bra with a hook-and-eye closure). The supportive band below the cups helps this sports bra provide the necessary strength to keep boobs in place while running or jumping — sans squishing.

Testers also raved about how comfortable this sports bra for large chests is, thanks in large part to the gel cushioning in the adjustable straps, which relieves shoulder pressure (a major issue for people with large chests). “This one was super comfortable to wear, and it was also comfortable to get into,” said one tester. “Everyone has a sports bra they look at and then decide today's not the day to maneuver into it. This will never be that bra!”

And rest assured, this sports bra is strong enough to stand up to your toughest workouts — and even frequent laundering. Testers noticed that the Spot Comfort sports bra doesn’t show any wear and tear after machine washing, and they called out the sheer mesh material separating the breasts for adding breathability to the design (read: you’ll be sweat-proof and stink-proof).

While this sports bra doesn’t have a flashy design, testers noted that its straps stick out a little bit when worn under tank tops. If you’re looking for a sports bra that’s completely hidden under sleeveless shirts, this might not fit the bill.

Price at time of publish: From $36

Sizes: 34C to 42DDD︱Material: 76% nylon, 24% spandex︱Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Champion Spot Comfort Sports Bra

Shape / Ivy Ford

Best Budget: Glamorise No-Bounce Cami Wire-Free Sports Bra

Glamorise No-Bounce Cami Wire-Free Sports Bra


Why We Like It: The high-neck cami top keeps the girls in place and provides ample coverage, even when bending over or running.

It's Worth Noting: The fabric blend doesn’t include spandex, which testers felt gave extra support — but also compromised the comfort of the bra.

These days, a high-quality sports bra can easily run $60 or more, but the Glamorise No-Bounce Cami Wire-Free Sports Bra gave our testers plenty of support at an accessible price point. With a high neckline and true-to-size encapsulated cups, your boobs will stay perfectly in place without sagging or gapping. Plus, testers adored the close fit: “There’s no spandex in this bra, and that was key!” said one tester. “Spandex loses its tight, snug fit as you keep moving, so having a bra with none whatsoever meant everything stays up and in place.” The result? You’ll feel comfortable moving around the gym freely without feeling encumbered by your chest.

But heads up: Without spandex to soften the fabric blend, you might find this sports bra a little scratchier than others. Testers also noted that the sports bra’s tight fit (especially on the back band) led to pinched skin.

Price at time of publish: From $20

Sizes: 34C to 50J︱Material: 70% polyester, 25% nylon, 5% elastane︱Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Glamorise No-Bounce Cami Wire-Free Sports Bra

Shape / Amanda Stanfield

Best with Molded Cups: Athleta Advance Bra B-G

Athleta Advance Bra B-G


Why We Like It: The sculpted foam cups help your breasts hold their shape during exercise.

It's Worth Noting: Even though there’s a hook-and-eye back closure, the V-shape of the shoulder straps means you’ll still have to pull this sports bra over your head.

As any well-endowed lady knows, molded cups are key to maintaining any kind of silhouette (read: not looking like you have one giant boob) while working out. The Athleta Advance sports bra won points for its encapsulated cups, which help support and separate your breasts. And even though the foam cups aren’t removable, testers noted that they didn’t shift out of place after being washed.

Finding your perfect fit in this sports bra may take a few tries. “Unless the band measurement is perfect and you feel good with the hook and eye closure options, you'll be wrestling with this bra for a while,” noted one tester. “The straps are in a V-shape, and it's hard to reach over your shoulder and get them just right.”

Price at time of publish: From $25

Sizes: 32G to 44DD︱Material: Not listed︱Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Athleta Advance Sports Bra

Shape / Ivy Ford

Why We Like It: This high-quality sports bra offers an extra-adjustable fit (think: five options for back clasps) with durable yet flattering fabric.

It's Worth Noting: Knix notes that the bra will fit extra-tight at first, but it should eventually loosen over time.

Since options for sports bras for large breasts tend to be limited, you might be willing to shell out a little extra for a sports bra that promises a flattering fit and the durability to last way longer than a cheaper bra. At almost $90, the Knix Catalyst Sports Bra felt worth the investment to our testers. “Nothing's moving in this bra!” raved one tester. “The compression makes it ideal for all levels of impact. My shoulders and back did not hurt while wearing this bra. My chest did not spill out, either.” Even better, the bra claims to reduce movement by 76 percent — without smooshing your breasts into a uniboob.

However, it might take you a few wash-and-wears to get to that perfectly snug fit. The sports bra is meant to fight tightly right out of the package, so expect a little more compression during your first few workouts in the Knix Catalyst Sports Bra. And heads up: Knix uses its own sizing method, so take the time to double-check your measurements before purchasing.

Price at time of publish: $89

Sizes: 28DD to 42F︱Material: 59% nylon, 41% spandex︱Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

Shape / Sarah Felbin

Best High Impact: Wacoal Simone Sport Underwire Bra

Wacoal Simone Sport Underwire Bra


Why We Like It: With this sports bra, your breasts are locked and loaded — there’s no chance of movement, no matter how high-impact your workout is.

It's Worth Noting: You might need to order up in band size.

The Wacoal Simone Sport Underwire Bra earned high praise from our testers for its ability to stand up to all types of workouts, thanks to its wide straps and band. “The weight fills evenly distributed,” noted one tester. “I wasn’t spilling out anywhere. It kept my chest separated and firmly in place.” Plus, the attention to detail makes this sports bra perfect for larger chests (think: underwire on the outside of the bra to avoid rubbing and looser cups that prevent uniboob).

However, testers felt that the bra didn’t run exactly true to size, especially in the band (which also lost points for itchy seams and material). You might also need a few extra minutes to adjust the shoulder straps, which use a slide-and-hook adjustment that testers called “tedious.”

Price at time of publish: From $41

Sizes: 32C to 42I︱Material: 80% nylon, 20% spandex/elastane︱Adjustability: Slide-and-hook shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Wacoal Simone Sport Underwire Bra

Shape / Sarah Felbin

Best Low Impact: The Girlfriend Collective Paloma Racerback Bra

The Girlfriend Collective Paloma Racerback Bra and Compressive High-Rise Legging

The Girlfriend Collective

Why We Like It: This sports bra is so comfortable, you might even forget you have it on.

It's Worth Noting: The Paloma Bra isn’t adjustable at all, so finding the right size is trial and error.

Girlfriend Collective is a cult-favorite activewear brand, and the Paloma Bra stands out for its comfy compression, making it perfect for low-impact workouts such as yoga, Pilates, or walking. Although the sports bra doesn’t have individual cups, the long-line silhouette and thick fabric add a luxe look that makes the Paloma appropriate to wear as a standalone top (especially considering it comes in a wide variety of rich, on-trend colors).

That said, the large cup/small band crowd might face some sizing issues with the Paloma sports bra. “While this bra felt supportive, the band didn’t touch my ribcage,” noted one tester. “I wouldn’t wear it for any high-impact class where you’re moving up and down a lot, because I’d be afraid someone would see my underboob.”

Price at time of publish: $46

Sizes: XXS to 6XL︱Material: 79% recycled plastic bottles, 21% spandex︱Adjustability: None

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra

Shape / Sarah Felbin

Most Supportive: Lululemon All Powered Up Bra

Lululemon All Powered Up Bra


Why We Like It: It strikes the perfect balance between supportive and snug, without feeling overly compressive.

It's Worth Noting: This sports bra is on the pricier side of the spectrum.

While lululemon designates the All Powered Up Bra as medium support, our testers felt it met all their needs for higher-impact workouts, from boxing to burpees. Even better, this sports bra separates and cradles the girls without any of the typical downsides of max support (such as flattened boobs or between-boob sweat). While lululemon’s sports bras can put a dent in your wallet, testers felt the quality was worth the price: “I wore this bra a lot throughout the testing period because it was clearly my favorite,” commented one. “By the end of the two weeks, it still looks just as new as it did in the beginning — even after washing it a few times.” (BTW, here’s the right way to wash your workout clothes.)

Be warned that the extra support might come with a little bit of discomfort from shoulder straps digging into the skin, but most testers found that only occurred after several hours of wearing the All Powered Up Bra.

Price at time of publish: From $49

Sizes: 32B to 42DDD︱Material: 71% nylon, 29% elastane︱Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Lululemon All Powered Up Bra

Shape / Abigail Moore

Best for Running: Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Bare Necessities

Why We Like It: Nothing is moving when you wear this sports bra — it stays perfectly in place, no matter what you’re doing.

It's Worth Noting: On small frames, the excess material of this sports bra might feel unnecessary.

Whether you’re a beginner jogger or you always have a half-marathon race coming up, your boobs need to stay in place when you hit the pavement. Too much bouncing can be distracting and downright painful — not to mention an ill-fitting, unsupportive bra could cause armpit chafing (ouch). Our testers found the Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra to live up to its name, noting that the locked-in fit kept everything in place at all times.

However, that lack of motion comes at a cost: comfort. “After having it on all day, the wire felt irritating under my breasts, and there were marks on my skin from the straps and around my ribcage,” noted one tester. “I’m very aware when I have this bra on — it feels a little like armor.” So while this sports bra for large breasts is suitable for high-performance activities, it’s likely not one you’ll find yourself relaxing in on the weekends.

Price at time of publish: From $53

Sizes: 28B to 40J︱Material: 49% polyamide, 36% polyester, 15% elastane︱Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Shape / Tara Cox

Best for a Small Frame: Syrokan Underwire Molded Cup High Impact Sports Bra

Syrokan Underwire Molded Cup High Impact Sports Bra


Why We Like It: The minimal fabric and lightweight fit makes this design ideal for petite wearers.

It's Worth Noting: The shoulder straps are adjusted in the back, which can require some contorting if you want to adjust this sports bra while wearing.

For well-endowed women with smaller frames, the challenge of finding a sports bra for large chests often means sacrificing fit in one area (say, the cups) for another (i.e., the band). Our testers appreciated that the Syokan Underwire Molded Cup High Impact Sports Bra was both supportive and delicate, without relying on a ton of material to strap the girls in place. “This felt light and airy, but supportive,” commented one tester. “It didn't chafe or move while jumping or running, and it felt very comfortable. The bra laid flat on my body and didn't gap or pucker.”

But careful: While the contrasting stitching adds some visual interest to the outside of this sports bra for large breasts, there’s a chance that the stitching will snag and fray over time. Wash and dry with caution.

Price at time of publish: From $40

Sizes: 28B to 40J | Material: 49% polyamide, 36% polyester, 15% elastane | Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps and hook-and-eye back band

Syrokan Underwire Molded Cup High Impact Sports Bra

Shape / Tara Cox

Best Adjustable: SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra


Why We Like It: It’s never been easier to create your custom fit.

It's Worth Noting: The front-zip feature can cause uniboob.

The SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra stands out for its totally custom fit, from the sliding back band closure to the ability to choose the shape of your shoulder straps (either an X-shape or an H-shape, depending on your needs). “Adjustability is where this bra shines,” praises one tester.  “It has customizable straps that you can tighten and loosen as needed. The band adjusts as well without hooks so you can get the fit absolutely perfect.”

Testers did report that this sports bra runs slightly small (and SheFit’s sizing method is unique to their brand, so measure carefully). And though the zipper front (bolstered by hook-and-eye closures), makes this sports bra easy to get on and off, it also puts you at risk for sweaty uniboob.

Price at time of publish: $75

Sizes: XS to 6Luxe | Material: 88% nylon, 12% spandex | Adjustability: Sliding shoulder straps, sliding back band, zip-up front with added hook-and-eye closure.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Shape / Abigail Wetzler

Our Testing Process

After thoroughly researching the best sports bras for large breasts on the market, we narrowed it down to 19 top contenders for testing. We asked our testers to complete a few specific activities in each sports bra (brisk walking and jogging or jumping jacks), and we also requested that they spend one day wearing the sports bra for at least three hours to fully understand its comfort levels. Our testers rated the sports bras based on fit, comfort, adjustability, durability, support, and overall quality. Marissa Renelt, customer service team lead and bra fit expert at Bare Necessities, also provided expert input on finding sports bras for large breasts.

What to Know About Sports Bras for Large Breasts

When shopping for sports bras for large breasts, you’ll want to consider certain design features that can make you feel comfortable and supported.

Compression vs. Encapsulation

Compression and encapsulation refer to the style of sports bra and whether or not the bra features cups. Compression bras are typically best for low- to moderate-impact workouts, and they’re more comfortable for smaller cup sizes (that is, A and B cups) since they support the bust by squeezing your breasts tight against the chest.

Encapsulation, on the other hand, is found in sports bras with individual cups. The advantage of encapsulation sports bras is that they lift and separate each breast, giving a more flattering silhouette while still providing plenty of support. Research from Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, Ph.D., a biomechanist at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom who studies bounce, found that sports bras with these individual cups are more comfortable for women with large breasts.

Shoulder Straps

Sports bras can come with a dizzying array of shoulder strap options: racerback, scoop necks with H-shaped straps, criss-cross, or thick, wide straps. Beyond design, how should you choose the best strap type for your sports bra?

People with large breasts will generally find either racerback or H-straps most supportive. Since racerback bras clasp in the back, the sports bra will fit closer to your body (read: it’s more supportive). H-straps, meanwhile, are easier to get up and over big breasts without awkward maneuvering. Regardless of which strap type you prefer, look for wide straps (at least a couple of inches across), which help distribute weight better for bigger cup sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I measure myself for a sports bra?

    If you can, get professionally fitted at a specialty bra store. You’ll get your measurements straight from a professional, and you might be surprised at what your bra size really is. In fact, most women incorrectly size themselves by accidentally opting for a larger band and a smaller cup size than needed.

    If that’s not an option, here’s how to measure your size at home. To measure your bust and band size, you’ll need a soft measuring tape that can go around the curves of your body and you should be wearing a bra.

    1. Put on a bra so your breast tissue is lifted. You never want to measure bare-breasted.
    2. First, measure the band. This measurement should be taken directly underneath the bust and above the rib cage, where the band of your bra would typically rest. The number you get here is your band size. 
    3. Then, measure the bust. This measurement is taken at the fullest part of the bust line. That tends to be the nipple line, but can vary based on your body shape. 
    4. Calculate the difference between your bust size and your band size. This number will guide you to your lettered cup size.

    A chart (and/or calculator) to determine your cup size can be found here.

  • How do I know if my sports bra fits properly?

    First, check the support in the straps, the cup, and the band. Take note of the stretchiness of the straps, whether the cup holds your entire breast, and if there’s too much wiggle room between the band and your skin. “You want your band to be resting parallel all the way around you,” explains Renelt.

    Next, move around in your potential new sports bra with common exercises such as jumping jacks, lifting arms overhead, running in place, arm circles, and anything else you do regularly. Note if the sports bra rides up, if there’s any gapping between the fabric and your skin, and if the straps or band pinch or dig in at all. “You don’t want your band to be riding up your back at all,” says Renelt. “If it is, that means your breast tissue is relying on your shoulder straps to do the heavy lifting, and your band is not the right size to support your bust. If you feel like there’s a pinching happening on the side of the cup, or the center gore (the part in between the two cups) isn’t lying flat against your chest, it could indicate the cup size isn’t proper for your frame.”

Why Trust Shape

As the senior fitness editor at Shape, Kristen Geil has spent the last several years trying every workout under the sun, and you’ll find her in a sports bra more often than not. Kristen is a NASM-certified personal trainer who regularly covers fitness products and tests exercise apparel. She led the first-ever Best in Fitness Awards, the largest awards program in the industry, and personally oversaw the nomination process for products in 170 categories (including sports bras and other apparel categories).

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