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The Best Workout Clothes Based On Your Zodiac Sign


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Jan 20 — Feb 19

Aquarius is the quintessential dreamer, typically decked out in her space-print leggings ($97; Her humanitarian side won't settle for less than eco-friendly gear, like her Patagonia sports bra ($45; made from recycled plastic bottle fibers. She's original, thoughtful, and openm just like her cross-back Onzie tank ($39; You'll find her saluting the sun (or the moon) on her phthalate-free Gaiam mat ($22; any day of the week.


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Feb 19 — Mar 20

Pisces is the mermaid of the zodiac, ethereal and beautiful—but don't mistake her for delicate. She's intuitive—her wisdom extends to her wardrobe with functional and comfy Pumas ($65; and a fair trade-certified bra ($49; Her soft Repetto wrap ($86; is her favorite to hit the barre or practice Pilates. And her creative and mystical side is always on full display thanks to her fun, printed leggings ($75;


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Mar 21 - April 19

Aries love contrast. Edgy white jacquard leggings ($136; are topped off with a dotted Kate Spade bralet ($95; complete with a tiny bow at the keyhole. They're energetic, assertive and unapologetically bold, earning them the occasional "diva" label. They'll lace up their custom Nikes ($130; and own whatever workout they choose--likely kickboxing or HIIT class--with their gold water bottle ($35; in tow.


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April 20 — May 20

Taurus is an earth sign; bright floral patterns ($79; match her reliable and independent sensibilities. She'll be out on a training run in the park in metallic shades ($140; and versatile sneakers ($90; just as often as pushing her reps in the weight room. Her ambition is rarely matched and a great high-impact sports bra is a must ($49;


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May 21 — June 21

Gemini is multifaceted and her gym style is the same. Matching Mara Hoffman leggings ($136; and a racerback top ($128; echo her gregarious and expressive personality. A modern black Koral jacket ($189; and glossy Adidas high-tops ($70; balance out the loud and playful patterns. Her gear can always take her from the gym to her next social gathering, or vice versa.


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June 22 - July 22

Cancer is considerate and chic, and she's always kind to her body. She pairs a comfy, minimalist Ivy Park sweatshirt ($75; with white-striped Alo leggings ($94; She's tenacious and needs functional kicks ($80; to keep pace. She's a loyal companion and will go toe to toe with anyone in the ring, so she expects the same reliability in the gym bag ($126; she uses to tote her boxing gloves.


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July 23 - Aug 22

Leo loves to hold the authority—and the limelight—wherever she goes. She rocks a statement sports bra ($64; with an electric tank ($10, that can take her from the tennis court to sprint practice. She's action-oriented, warm, and loves to stir things up. Bold and bright Terez leggings ($78; and light, flexible statement sneakers ($260; keep her turning heads as she flies by on the track.


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Aug 23 — Sept 22

Virgo is meticulous and hard-working, so she likes structured clothes that won't let her down. She's modest but direct; her favorite solid colors, like in this blue Ivy Park top ($35; and these Alo leggings ($110; are always coordinated and never overstated. She can be obsessive about preparation, making her a formidable gym devotee. A Nike watch ($199; for tracking her stats and a quality gym bag ($200; are essential to keep her ready for anything.


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Sept 23 — Oct 22

Libra likes things to be in harmony. Pastel hues like in this supportive Lululemon tank ($58; and patterned Prana leggings ($69; are her go-tos. She's balanced, laid-back and charming—she'll sport classic sneakers ($60, and a relaxed fit sweater ($69; to bring the calm wherever she goes, from flow yoga to the Pilates reformer.


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Oct 23 — Nov 21

Scorpio is known for her intensity, and her wardrobe is always as hardcore as she is (see: the stealthy Michi bra, $165; She's got a commanding personality that makes her a fierce competitor, whether it's with her mental game at yoga (bag, $68; or box jumps in her Nikes ($125; at CrossFit training. She's passionate and dynamic, and her Onzie mesh moto leggings ($76; give her the flexibility to do it all.


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Nov 22 — Dec 21

Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac. You find her in the great outdoors, discovering new running trails (backpack, $65; or training for her next triathalon in a streamlined compression top ($58; and weather-ready Under Armour sneakers ($140; She's independent and endlessly optimistic; she'll find the bright side of anything, and wears her mantras on her sleeve—er, bra ($15;


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Dec 22 — Jan 20

Capricorn is calm, productive, and disciplined. She doesn't mess around—her Army green leggings ($135; and mesh-accented bra ($35, say as much. Her Asics ($100; will service her everywhere from obstacle courses to long-distance runs, and a Hydro Flask ($30, is essential for her prolific fitness lifestyle.


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