Beyoncé just revealed the latest for her athleisure line—and you're about to spend all your $$$ on it.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: February 01, 2017

As if dropping the news of her pregnancy with TWINS wasn't enough to make the Beyhive explode today, 'Yoncé also launched the latest collection of Ivy Park-her street-meets-sport athleisure line that we just can't get enough of.

Throughout her debut collection and fall/winter collection she's kept the line's look pretty consistent; muted colors, bold graphics, and, of course, the name "Ivy Park" splashed over everything. This new collection for Spring/Summer 2017 is no different; the new pieces (below) stay classically black and white with some army green, sporty details, and a whole lot of attitude. (There's nothing left to do now but throw on some Ivy Park and learn how to dance like Queen Bey herself.)

What's different with this collection, however, is the people wearing the clothes; the three women showing off Ivy Park's new pieces are actress Yara Shahidi (from the ABC comedy Black-ish), and models Selah Marley and Sophie Koella, who were all picked because they embody the sporty, successful #girlboss vibes that Ivy Park is all about. In March, they'll be followed by singer-songwriters Chloe x Halle and singer Sza. Shahidi, Marley, and Koella all have different fitness journeys that helped them get where they are today.

"When I was a kid my gymnastic coach told us to get rid of the idea that practice makes perfect. It's not just practice that makes perfect, it's perfect practice. The idea of always giving something your all, always giving something your 100, trying to do your personal best, living like it's your last." -Marley, who did gymnastics, soccer, ballet, horseback riding, African dance, jazz, karate, and basketball

"Every human has that capability to adapt to things that normally might intimidate or scare us out of our comfort zone-but you put yourself out there, I think 10/10 times you are going to do a lot better than you expected." -Koella, who started ballet at five years old

"Karate has helped me in so many ways in life, in knowing myself. I feel that it's rare to have that type of experience, starting at six [years old] to get to know who you are as a person. So much of it is self-reflection and just knowing that who I am and the power that I harness physically, emotionally, mentally allows me to move through the world with more confidence." -Shahidi, who plays basketball and has a black belt in karate

You can snag the new collection at Ivy Park retailers like TopShop, Nordstrom, and SIX:02.


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