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Black and White Gear Inspired by Aussie Trainers @basebodybabes

Bare Those Abs

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Talk about serious ab envy. We're obsessing over this black and white sports bra and compression shorts combo. Don't mind us, we'll just be here doing more crunches.

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Gear Up for the Gym

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We'll take one of everything please! We can totally see ourselves owning that sports bra and toning our arms with those dumbbells. BTW, we went ahead and found those Nike kicks for you, so go get your cardio on.

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Show Off Those Guns

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You need this Adidas muscle tank in your life—and the shoes and the leggings, of course. Let's be honest, you need it all.

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Stay Fiercely Fit

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You can't go wrong with all black everything. Check out our picks for sleek black leggings to show off your calves.

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Pull On Psychedelic Prints

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Black and white doesn't have to be boring with printed leggings like these. This pair is definitely topping our workout wishlist this year.

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Up the Bar(bell) for Toning

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We could see ourselves wearing these compression tights at our next hardcore cardio sesh. These tights will be your new go-to.

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Kick Things In to High Gear

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This will be you, running to get a pair of these incredible leggings that will have you looking #fierce. Side note: We can't wait to look that kickass in this outfit.

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Chill In Your Calvins

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Don't forget the gym bag! @basebodybabes know how to accessorize their chic black and white workout style. Aussies, we're about to steal your style.

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