Brie Larson Wore a Shiny Set That's Almost Too Cute to Work Out In

The actress donned an eye-catching outfit in a video about her recovery routine.
By Renee Cherry
April 30, 2021
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If you haven't been paying attention to Brie Larson's YouTube channel lately, you've been missing out. The actress is training for her upcoming role in Captain Marvel 2, and she's been sharing videos along the way, including insight into her daily stretch routine and a recent foundational workout. But even if you're feeling all the fitness updates, Larson's recent videos are worth watching for activewear inspiration alone — two words: tie-dye turtleneck — and she's just outdone herself. (Related: Brie Larson's First Workout In Quarantine Is the Most Relatable Thing You'll Ever Watch)

On Thursday, Larson posted a new video about her philosophy on recovery, and to say that her outfit in the video was a bold choice would be an understatement. Larson filmed in a workout set made of an iridescent blue fabric that looks like it'd be more at home on a gymnastics leotard. Throughout the entire 10-minute clip, she was serving '80s fitness mermaid vibes — and a mismatched pedicure only added to the look. (Related: Brie Larson and WWE Star Tegan Nox Just Proved Why You Need a Virtual Workout Buddy)

Upon further investigation (aka a quick look at the tag in Larson's most recent Instagram post), it's clear the set is from Carbon38. Sadly it appears that it's no longer available, but the Heroine Sport Racer Back Bra (Buy It, $75, and Heroine Sport Marvel Leggings (Buy It, $99, are very similar. And Carbon38 has quite the selection of shiny styles in general if you're not married to blue. The brand's Takara liquid leggings are popular with celebrities, influencers, and trainers alike, and they come in a selection of colors from basic black (Buy It, $98, to a magenta leopard print (Buy It, $115, (Related: Brie Larson Opened Up About the Self-Confidence She Gained from Playing Captain Marvel)

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Of course, assuming you don't get distracted by Larson's getup, you can also pick up some recovery tips from her video. Larson revealed that she takes recovery measures every day, and her collection of tools includes various massage guns, foam rollers, and a vibration wrap. Clearly, she goes all out when it comes to recovery and her workout wardrobe.