The "Love Wins" singer talks about the new spring looks in her athleisure line, CALIA.

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Updated: April 19, 2019
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Carrie Underwood is back to work!

Despite giving birth to her second son Jacob just four months ago, the singer and mom to elder son Isaiah, 4, is already back in the office designing the spring collection of workout gear for her athleisure line, CALIA by Carrie Underwood and back in fighting shape for her "Cry Pretty 260 Tour," which kicks off in May. (Related: Carrie Underwood Shares That "Bouncing Back" After Her Second Pregnancy Hasn't Been Easy)

While Underwood is known for regularly hitting the gym, she reveals in a new interview with People that when she needs some extra workout motivation, she'll wear cute items from her line to help her out.

"Putting together a fashionable but also functional outfit gives me a little boost when going to the gym-especially when I need an extra push or I'm not feeling my best," Underwood, 36, tells People in this week's issue. "I try to put a cute look together with my favorite pieces-a legging with a pattern on the bottom, and cute and comfortable tank, and a zip-up hoodie to complete the outfit." (Related: The Fitness Accessory Carrie Underwood Hasn't Taken Off In Over Three Years)

Underwood says she's looking forward to sharing the new spring looks with everyone-and that she's just ready for spring to arrive, period.

"Now that the weather is starting to get nicer, I've really enjoyed diving into our CALIA spring collection and putting together new, fun looks. We have a ton of spring pieces in this new dusty pink called Mesa Rose, and every time I wear it I think ahead to the warm weather that's right around the corner." (Related: Carrie Underwood Cuts Herself Slack When She Misses a Workout-and You Should Too)

The Nashville-based star adds, "[Warm weather] makes me excited for everything that's to come over the next few months, and I get ready to start my tour in May."

As for being hands-on when it comes to designing the collections, she says, "I love our design meetings. I went into this one reflecting on how CALIA always helps me feel energized, and I hope women feel a similar sense of rejuvenation and motivation, whether they're concentrating on their fitness after having a baby or working toward another fitness goal. It's designed to help women stay on the path!"

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