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Celeb Trainer @theannakaiser Works. It. Out. In Activewear

Just Hanging Out

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We're not sure how @theannakasier makes it look so easy, but this pose has us saying, "Whoaaaaa." Where can we can get guns like that?

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Holding That Pose

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A little oceanside stretching? We're game, Anna. But we're currently on the hunt for that killer cut-out sports bra.

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Working That Roller

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We can't stop staring at Kaiser's incredible shoulders while she cools off on that foam roller. Stretching it out after an intense cardio session is where it's at—make it hurt so good, ladies.

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Upping Her Gear Game

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@theannakaiser has an Asics addiction too—we're positive she would make the perfect workout buddy.

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Hopping Around

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Cardio day normally scares us, but Kaiser makes training look like such a good time. If we had abs like that, we'd jump for joy too.

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