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Desde Venus

That 6:30 a.m. spin class? Yeah, you crushed it. But, oops, you registered for another one tomorrow and have zero time to run your sweaty sports bra through the wash. This trick guarantees you'll show up smelling clean and fresh.

What you need: Shampoo.

What you do: After getting thoroughly drenched during a workout, you take a shower, right? Well, just carry your sports bra in there with you, and when you lather up to wash your hair, use your shampoo to give your bra a gentle scrub. Then rinse it out and hang it over the shower rod to dry.

Why it works: Hand-washing your delicates--even your sports bra--is actually recommended. That means you'll not only get the stink out, but you'll also extend the life of your bra. And this way, you've tackled two tasks at once.

So, spin class tomorrow? See you there.

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