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Cute Winter Running Gear to Bust Your "It's Too Cold to Run" Excuse

My face gets windburned!

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Nothing beats sore muscles the day after a good run, but lingering windburn? Well, there are a lot of things we'd prefer to that. Namely, the Reversible Expedition Neck Gaiter from Sweaty Betty. The drawstrings ensure a snug fit to seal out wind—you can even use it to pull over the nose if needed. The quick-drying fabric and reversible prints mean double the times you could wear it without washing (and double the #showusyouroutFIT opportunity). ($40;

Photo: Sweaty Betty

I have to put on too many layers!

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During the winter months, gearing up for your run can take longer than the run itself, so opt for one jacket that packs as much utility as a Swiss Army knife. Pearl Izumi's Elite Barrier Convertible jacket shields you from the wind and rain while boasting removable sleeves you can stash in one of three pockets if you get overheated. ($110; (To keep it lasting until next season, try Winter Proofing Your Workout Clothes.)

Photo: Pearl Izumi

My gel hardens!

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Stick your gel into a lightweight vessel, like the Klean Kanteen Sports Bottle ($17;, and pour warm water in to keep it from freezing. Don’t want to cart a bottle along? Try munching on a thin waffle ($1.39;—Honey Stinger's is made of organic ingredients and edible at any temp.

Photo: Klean Kanteen

My hands freeze!

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The last layer of North Face's running glove series, the Runners 3 Overmitt slips easily over gloves to cut down on arctic-level winds and help you maintain your grip whenever you need a swig of water or have to glance at your phone. The reflective logo will keep your hands lit, crucial for the shorter days of winter. ($35; (If you're a chronic night runner, check out The Best Gear for a Nighttime Workout.)

Photo: North Face

It's too slippery!

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Running in snowy, icy areas sans traction is a sure-fire way to injure yourself. (Make sure to Warm Up Before a Cold Weather Run beforehand!) Running cleats like Stabilicers allow you to run with abandon and reach for your goal pace, without any hassle from the elements. The elastic grip is lightweight enough for an easy stride and power strap adds extra security when snow is high. ($32;

Photo: 32north

My phone will get water damage!

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The number one way to throw off the groove of your run is to get water in your phone (not to mention how miserable it will make the rest of your day). Catalyst iPhone cases provide serious water protection (they can be submerged up to 16 feet!) without making your phone the weight of a brick. Because, if you wanted to run with a hand weight, you’d bring one. ($65;

Photo: Catalyst Lifestyle


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