Partly because their clothes feel amazing, partly because they're making the world a better place.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: July 07, 2017

You know how activewear has become a lot about elaborate patterns, crazy detailing, and flashy tech? There's nothing wrong with that (dressing well for the gym even makes your workout better), but we're seriously crushing on the latest millennial athleisure brand that's setting out to be the exact opposite.

Meet Girlfriend Collective, the Seattle-based start-up behind your new favorite ethically made, eco-friendly, no-BS, comfy-as-hell weekend uniform. And the latest, greatest news about this new brand? Starting just a few days ago, they're officially taking pre-orders (shipping July 28!) of their leggings and new sports bra offerings. (Can't wait for the pre-order shipping? Shop these other sustainable workout clothes in the meantime.)

Why you should care: "So many companies tout transparency but only offer flashy headlines instead of substance. We chose every part of our process, from our raw materials to our facilities to our partners, with care," says the GC website. And they actually mean it.

Every garment is made from recycled polyester from Taiwan, which used to be called "Garbage Island" for having landfills close to capacity but is now a world leader in recycling. Here, they source all of their post-consumer water bottles which are then made into BPA-free polyester. The fabric is sent to a fair-trade, socially responsible textile factory in Vietnam run by a Danish family, where it's made into leggings that somehow feel even better than the feeling of wearing something ethically made.

If you're not already in love, listen up: To get the Girlfriend Collective buzz going, they didn't rely on expensive ads or fancy marketing-they just decided to give pairs of their leggings away *for free* (minus the cost of shipping). Yes, really. They ran the promotion from May 2016 to February 2017, when they shifted efforts towards opening their true e-commerce site.

Snag a pair of their leggings ($58–68) or sports bras ($38) during the pre-order now. Their styles might take athleisure back to basics (in the best way) but we bet you'll have trouble deciding... when it doubt, buy it all, right?


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