Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede's pregnancies informed the designs.

Good American

With its inclusive size range, Good American has avoided giving plus-size customers a separate, inferior selection. Now the brand, founded by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede, has branched out into another oft-neglected category: maternity activewear. (Related: Good American Invented a New Jeans Size—Here's Why That's Important)

Kardashian says her recent pregnancy with her daughter, True informed the new line. "When I was pregnant, I felt like there was a kind of gap in the market," she explains. "I ended up buying clothes in larger sizes because maternity options were not stylish or cute to me. I felt like they were baggy."

Good American's options ~enhance~ rather than hide your body, she says. The clothes were designed by a team of female designers—predominantly moms—so they get it. (One mom-to-be designer even doubled as a fit model.)

Kardashian knows from experience that breastfeeding can be challenging and that a well-designed nursing bra can, at the very least, eliminate one burden: "I experienced larger breasts when I was nursing and I had to really look for something that was supportive," she says. "And if your baby is screaming and hungry, you don't want anything that's too difficult to have to get off. So we made sure ours was really user-friendly and comfortable." (Related: Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Weight Loss and Rejects Claims She's On a 'Ridiculous' Post-Baby Diet)

Grede adds that nailing a nursing-bra design that provides the support of a regular sports bra was important to her as well. "That's definitely something I would've loved [when I was pregnant]," she says. "Nursing bras usually are just nursing bras. They're not really good for you to sweat in and perform in and use as a nursing bra. It's hard to find the combination."

The other pieces in Good American's maternity activewear line–leggings, a tank top, and bike shorts–are also built for workouts. As with the brand's existing activewear, everything has seamless, quick-dry, 4-way stretch fabric.

If a little one–and some gym sessions–are in your future, you can shop the new pieces now at


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