Need new workout clothes? Alexander Wang's collection for H&M has street style down

By Sara Angle
November 06, 2014

H&M's newest designer collaboration-with Alexander Wang-hit stores today, and while we love the sleek black scuba dress and padded leather jacket, we're most excited about the studio-to-street wearability of Wang's collection, which takes workout clothes to a new level.

When Wang first debuted his pieces with H&M in a fashion show last month, he drew fitness inspiration from Broadway dancer, athlete, and founder of the AntiGravity fitness movement, Christopher Harrison, to showcase his clothing in an aerial-meets-Parkour and performance.

"In keeping with the sport-inspired theme of his collection, we created a Parkour playground in the middle of the runway, integrating with the rafters 80 feet overhead," Harrison tells Shape. "Alexander Wang is a visionary when it comes to clothing the body for movement, and I love creating new ways for the body to move. The concept brought out the best of both our styles and allowed us to push ourselves to the limit."

Harrison had no problem getting The AntiGravity Parkour Team to do acrobatic tricks across the stage or rapidly descend ropes from the ceiling while inverted, clad in Wang's stretchy, durable fabrics. (Sounds like the perfect gear to wear during our Fat-Blasting Rebounding Routine.) "They catapulted off of mini-trampolines, dove off of walls, vaulted over obstacles, and created a flow that brought the set to life," Harrison explains.

"We set out to convey exactly what his clothing inspired: extreme, daring, risk-taking, provocative, and exciting streamlined lines ready for action," says Harrison.

The collection feels very Hunger Games, inspired by heroism and survivalism. Wang's message is clear: It's an urban jungle and we have to be strong, able-bodied, and ready to tackle any adventure that comes our way.

Wang's pieces aren't all gym-ready, but we're dying to get our hands on the ones that are. Wang's sexy sports bras give you an excuse to take off your tank in a sweaty spin class, while the jacquard-knit sports tights and reflective leggings will take you from a long run to weekend brunch in style. And if you don't want to splurge on any new clothes, you can still choose from one of Wang's uber-stylish fit accessories, like black boxing gloves, a yoga mat with strap, or a water bottle.