Are these office-studio hybrid pants really able to transition from sweaty yoga class to an important meeting?

By By Justine Hall
Updated: October 18, 2016

You know those days where all you want to do is stay in your pajamas, but instead, you need to peel yourself out of bed and look presentable for work? And how many times have you decided to wear yoga leggings the entire day with or without the intention of actually working out in them? There's a new line that promises to put an end to the tough decision-leggings or real pants-once and for all.

Betabrand Dress Pant Yoga Pants bill themselves as "ultra-comfy yoga pants that are also appropriate for the office" and they even come in four different styles-boot-cut, straight-leg, leggings, or cropped-leg-each with various color options. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, I put these magical unicorn pants to the test: Do they feel and look good? Can I work and work out in them? (This isn't the only brand that is jumping on the versatile pant-aka treggings-movement. (Check out the other fun styles that will be staples in your fall wardrobe.)

So I rolled out of bed at 5:45 a.m., slid into the high-waisted leggings, and threw on a simple v-neck t-shirt and wedges. I probably could have dropped back onto the bed and fallen asleep again, the leggings were so soft. Instead, I headed to the train for my usual commute to work, which was surprisingly enjoyable thanks to being able to sit cross-legged in the stretchy, comfortable fabric.

With leggings this comfortable, you'd think, well, they'd look like your favorite pair of yoga tights. But they don't, and they somehow don't really look like typical dress pants either. I was a bit nervous to wear these around the office because even though they are built like dress pants, up close the material resembles more of a spandex or cotton than your typical poly dress pant with a little sheen. When I got to work, one coworker mentioned how comfy they looked, but I didn't necessarily feel out-of-place because full disclosure: A big perk of being a part of the #ShapeSquad means it's perfectly acceptable to wear workout clothes at least once a week. (Lucky, I know.) But if your job is a little more corporate, you may need to make an effort to dress up the rest of your outfit to balance the look out.

So what about wearing these leggings to a real yoga class? I threw the pants back on for a weekend yoga class. To be clear, the class was not all about the Savasana. It was more of a power yoga, high-energy class that makes you break a sweat in the first 5 minutes. The instructor encourages you to try new poses while also maintaining a connection to your breathing. After the strenuous 75 minutes (yes, 75 minutes) was coming to a close, I realized I never once was worried about my pants behaving badly.

After my trial run, I can fairly say I have no major complaints about the yoga-legging-work-pant hybrid. If I didn't have the privilege of dressing down in my favorite athleisure every so often in the office, I'd definitely find myself pulling these on in the morning more often than not.


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