Instagram Star @blondeeestuff Makes Working Out Look Oh So Pretty

Revamp your workout wardrobe with chic finds and fitspiration from her feed

If you aren't following @blondeeestuff on Instagram yet, you should really get on that. The 22-year-old from Bavaria, Germany, makes working out and eating healthy look gorgeous. The main reason? She's got a workout wardrobe that would make even Khloé Kardashian jealous. Scroll through her feed with caution-you'll have only yourself to blame when you get your subsequent credit card bill.

@blondeeestuff workout gear and leggings

One glimpse at her feed, and you know that @blondeeestuff has no shortage of awesome workout leggings. You wouldn't either, if you looked that good in a pair of Nike leggings! This printed pair makes us think doing a quick jump rope workout out wouldn't be so bad after all.

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@blondeeestuff workout shoes and sports bra

This girl is giving us serious workout motivation! All we need is new pair of kicks and a matching, bright-colored sports bra and we'd be ready to go get our sweat on too. With Martina's #fitspiration, that extra mile just might be a little easier.

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@blondeeestuff workout gear and tech

Check out that fitness tech on @blondeeestuff's wrist-you know you want your own arm tech. Grab some workout gloves while you're at it, and you'll be ready to lift.

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@blondeeestuff workout gear and water bottle

Staying hydrated is a key part of any workout, so we love that this fitness fanatic gives her water bottle the spotlight in the photo. Upgrade your own water bottle, and keep the H2O close during your next sweat sessions. Oh, and don't think we didn't notice those cute running briefs-find a pair of workout shorts that fits your style and get ready to get sweaty.

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@blondeeestuff workout leggings

A good pair of printed workout capris is so worth the investment. @blondeeestuff demos how rocking a fun pattern can be done without looking too overdone.

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