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This Instagrammer WIll Inspire You with Picture-Perfect Yoga Poses

Inner Peace

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Morgan looks totally at peace striking a pose in this beautiful park. We would be too if we had the same breathtaking view on our morning hike.

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Photo: Instagram

Stretch It Out

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Why not post up on a beach railing? Morgan doesn't give AF where she is. When you have to stretch, you have to stretch. Might as well get an amazing pic while you're at it.

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This yogi knows all about how to get that perfectly sculpted core. I mean, she did write a whole book on it. It's called Ab'Asanas—check it out. (Next, jump into these 5 Yoga Poses for Killer Abs to get you started.) 

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Photo: Instagram

Bend It Like Morgan

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We can't get over Morgan's insane flexibility or this picture-perfect sunset. Not to mention that her adorable wrap top and harem pants that totally match the skyline. Yas, girl.

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Photo: Instagram

Up In the Air

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Not sure how Morgan holds that inversion pose, but man does she look good. (If you're trying to finally nail that handstand, this 5-minute yoga flow will help you get there.)

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Photo: Instagram

Tip-Top Shape

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Not only can she hold this pose for who knows how long, but she can do it on top of a mountain. If Morgan wasn't our yogi inspiration before, she is now. (You can master tricky positions like this, too, and these 10 exercises to prime your arms and abs for tough yoga poses can help.)

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Photo: Instagram


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