The actress and dancer makes time for Pilates and motherhood with the help of her favorite Good American bra.

By Erin Reimel
September 14, 2020
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After giving birth just as the coronavirus pandemic began, and in turn, being stuck at home for the last six months with her two adorable children, Jenna Dewan has been trying to perfect her routine. “Being a new mom and dealing with 2020 and everything going on in the world and in our culture, it’s never been more important for me to focus on stress relief and my family’s health,” the 39-year-old actress and dancer told Shape.

Dewan and her fiancé Steve Kazee welcomed their son Callum in March, and since then, she’s made an effort to plan her days out in advance to ensure she fits in moments of self-care. “It’s really hard to find time for myself, and if I don’t do it in the morning, it doesn’t get done,” she explained. “I’m giving to everyone else throughout the day, so if I don’t make time for me, everything kind of spirals.” (Related: How Jenna Dewan Tatum Got Her Pre-Baby Body Back)

Once baby Callum is down for his first nap of the day, Dewan makes her way to the garage, where she’s set up a gym during quarantine. She spends some time doing Pilates to get her heart pumping. And after she’s done, Dewan says she's usually too busy to change out of her workout clothes, which is ok because she's strategic about her activewear. “I wear the Good American Maternity Seamless Nursing Bra a lot," she says. "I wear it to work out, but then I keep it on because it makes nursing and breastfeeding so easy all day long." Along with being comfortable and easy to wear — thanks to its stretchy, seamless fabric — the popular maternity bra also has UV protection and dries quickly after sweating. 

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She (among tons of other A-listers) also swears by Alo Yoga’s high-waisted leggings since they’re tight and stay up during a workout, but they’re still comfortable to wear all day — try the super soft leggings in its highly rated ⅞ length for an above-the-ankle fit. (Related: This Celeb-Loved Brand Just Restocked Its Best-Selling Biker Shorts)

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With Callum is still napping, Dewan takes time to meditate and incorporates mantra-based breath work into her routine. “I believe that our immune system is connected to the levels of stress we experience,” she explains. Another important part of her wellness routine? Taking a probiotic supplement paired with a mug of hot water and lemon. In fact, she recently partnered with supplement brand Renew Life. “I had a lot of bloating after my C section and my gut health needed a little extra help, so I started taking the Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic 25 Billion, and I’ve seen a huge difference,” she adds. (Related: How to Find the Best Probiotic for You)

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By the end of the day, she tries to get to bed early. “With a new baby, I don’t remember the last time I got 7-8 hours, but I try to get as much sleep as possible and stay healthy in other ways,” she says, adding that she's never without an eye mask and lavender oil to help her drift off. (Related: Jenna Dewan Is Chock-Full Of Essential Oil Hacks)