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10 Totally Legit Ways You Justifiy Those $95 Designer Leggings

You're not quite sure what makes some pairs of leggings and running tights a reasonable $30, and others half of your rent. But there's something about those pricey running tights you just can't shake. And there are SO many reasons you should buy them. (Inspired to shop? Check out these 7 Cute Workout Leggings We Love.)

1. You're going to wear them everywhere anyway.

Leggings Are Pants

Leggings are the new jeans. And no, I'm not going to cover my ass, thanks.

2. You deserve this.

Treat Yourself

And why not a fro-yo while you're at it?

3. They will make you run faster than you've ever run before!

Run Lola Run

And you'll look cooler doing it, obviously.

4. You can finally throw away your gross yoga pants.

Bye Bye Bye

See ya, suckers! Flared pants are totally out.

5. They were originally designed for superheroes.


Those powers translate, right?

6. They make your legs instantly look more sculpted.

Tim Gunn

The tighter, the better. Tim Gunn said so, therefore, it is the gospel.

7. The features are so worth it.


Sweat-wicking, compression, mesh zones, body-mapping, AND flat seams? It's like they were woven with unicorn hair.

8. You hardly have any!

Clueless Closet

Except for maybe the purple Lululemons, and the blue Nikes, and those funky Goldsheeps, and the Athletas...

9. Plus almost everything is in the laundry.

Dirty Laundry

So it's kind of essential. Who has time for wash anyway?

10. You're going to look even better than your fave instructor.

Broad City

Or maybe not.


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