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Khloé Kardashian *Finally* Expanded Good American Into Activewear


Photo: Good American

Khloé Kardashian has quickly earned the title of fitness queen of the Kardashian-Jenners; she has a book and a TV show on the topic, plus an insane fitness closet, and she's constantly posting workout updates on Snapchat. So it was only a matter of time until she ventured into activewear. Well, the wait is finally up: Good American dropped its first performance clothing line today—and TBH, we're impressed with everything about it.

Khloé cofounded Good American with Emma Grede, and the brand's existing offerings already had an athleisure bent. The size-inclusive company has tracksuits, one of the best selections of bodysuits out there, and of course, jeans—the main focus. But it wasn't until now that you could put on some Good American clothes that were actually made to be sweat in. (We put the new line through a sweat test and can confirm it delivers!)

So what makes it so special? For starters, the active line features compression fabrics and high-waisted leggings cut an inch higher than usual, Kardashian tells Shape. The result is clothes that make you feel "supported but not squished," during workouts, she says.

Another main aim of the new collection was to solve the whole transparency issue with so many workout clothes. "I was shocked with name brands that are popular everywhere, how see-through some of the clothes are," Kardashian explains. "I would sit down after a workout to get my hair done. The paparazzi would take my picture and my ass is showing because of the flash." So the women set out to create leggings that stay opaque during the deepest of squats. "That was a big thing for us in the beginning," Grede says. "This fabrication is great, it's like a black-on-black weave. You're not going to see through them, there's no sheering."

More deets: Included with all the basics—sports bras, tanks, leggings—are dress-length hoodies, a bodysuit, and a pair of bike shorts that look straight out of Kim K's closet. The clothes are sold at goodamerican.comNordstrom, and SIX:02. Prices range from $45 to $149, and everything's available in sizes 0 to 7 (XS through 4X). (Related: All the Times Khloé Kardashian Inspired Us to Be Body Positive)

And we're just as excited about the campaign imagery as the clothes. The company cast a diverse group of women who have made a mark on the fitness world to use in its campaign. Olympian Tara Lipinski, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, fitfluencer Emily Skye, and body-pos activist Roxy Reyes are all part of the inspiring group.

good-american.jpgPhoto: Good American

In addition to the wide size range, the collection was also based around a body-positive manifesto. "The only way to define us is how we choose to define ourselves," the statement reads. "We are in control of our life, our dreams, our body. We come in all sizes, shapes, and from all backgrounds. Individually we are strong, together we are invincible. We have come to win." Bad. Ass.

ICYMI, Kardashian recently lost 33 pounds after giving birth, but she says she's not in a rush to lose the last 17 pounds it'll take to reach her goal weight. She credits the weight loss to knowing "how to eat well and how to work out." (Read: Not a ridiculous post-baby diet.) What she wears plays a part in her motivation, she says. "When you look good in the gym I feel like you work out harder." If that's the case, then Good American's new selections will no doubt inspire plenty of hard-core workouts.

Koko looks amazing any time she's working out, so we're giddy that it's now easier to channel her workout style. Evidently, we're not alone; some sizes have already sold out over at Good American, so scoop up these pieces now while you can.


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