Lizzo Just Mastered Two TikTok Trends In One Workout

The award-winning artist took on the “Unwritten” dance challenge while wearing butt-sculpting leggings from Amazon. 

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From bravely biting into mustard-covered watermelon to slurping nature's cereal, there seem to be few TikTok trends Lizzo won't try. And the Grammy award-winning artist's latest post is just further proof that she's game to give whatever craze is currently trending a try — especially when it doubles as a blood-pumping workout. (

On Sunday, Lizzo took to the 'Tok to share a video in which she, alongside Shaun T., take on the viral "Unwritten" dance challenge. And while the challenge has been around circling the Internet since March, Lizzo and the king of cardio give the choreographed routine a fresh new look with a few original moves and equally vibrant ensembles. Lizzo, in particular, pulls out all the stops incorporating moves such as the jerk and, what she deems as, "the most unsturdy heel-toe ever." (Although one quick look at the clip and it's evident she's being a harsh critic.)

Whether in front of a sold-out crowd or her phone's camera, Lizzo breaks it down like an absolute boss — and her latest TikTok video is no exception. But what really makes her recent routine engaging AF are her eye-catching neon yellow bottoms, which look just like the scrunchy Seasum High Waist Yoga Pants (Buy It, $23, Sound familiar? That's because Lizzo actually rocked a black pair of these butt-lifting leggings in a TikTok video back in January.

In the weekend's dance cardio workout, the singer paired the affordable leggings with a bright red and color-blocked hat to create a striking look that screams, "hot girl summer." Beyond the striking color, the Seasum leggings stand out for being high-waisted, made of sweat-wicking material, and squat-proof (read: no see-through situations happening here, folks!). They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and lengths and range in size from small to 4X, which has won over the hearts of many of the 40,000+ five-star Amazon reviewers.

And if you think the number of reviews is impressive, then you'll be blown away by the fact that the tag #seasumleggings has 1.7 million (yes, million) views on TikTok. For months now, users have been sharing videos praising the pants' uncanny ability to flatter all shapes and sizes and boost even the flattest of booties. The secret to their butt-lifting magic? A honeycomb texture that's made of polyester and spandex to give your booty a natural-looking lift while the high waistband is sure to hold everything nicely in place.

"These are the cutest leggings I own now," says TikTok user @annikajorgensen. "The quality is good, the fit is good, I mean, my booty looks great. I can't recommend these enough." And she's not the only one: "Girl if you're looking at these leggings, just do yourself a favor and get them!" writes an Amazon reviewer.

Another pleased purchaser shares, "TikTok did not let me down! These leggings are very soft and comfortable to wear [...] What I really like is the material pattern stretches over the curvy parts of me really nicely without looking like it's obviously stretching beyond looking good. These leggings make me feel great, don't ride down below my waist and belly when I'm doing actual exercise."

TL;DR — With almost 65,000 global reviews on Amazon and a cult following on TikTok, it's no surprise the Queen of TikTok trends, Lizzo, has gotten herself multiple pairs of these butt sculpting, ultra-flattering pants.

Letsfit TIK Tok Leggings

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