These Are My Go-to Biking, Hiking, Running, and Just Living Leggings — and They're Worth Every Penny

Consider them an investment in yourself. These leggings are going to actually make you want to work out.

Photo: Lululemon

I'm not usually the shopper who finds something they love and buys it in every color, but all bets are off when it comes to workout leggings. When you find a pair that hugs all the right places, doesn't ride down on runs, offers a smooth feel on the saddle for bike rides, never turns see-through during down dogs, and has a side pocket for easy phone access during hikes, you have to buy in bulk.

The Lululemon Fast and Free Tights (Buy It, $128, are that unicorn for me. I have (at least) two identical pairs because rotation is critical if you want to avoid diving into the depths of the laundry basket to rewear a ripe pair. And I wear these tights enough that it warrants multiples, and leaves all my other leggings wondering what they did wrong. (

Aside from the aforementioned performance perks while running, riding, and hiking, the Lululemon Fast and Free Tights are just crazy flattering, which I actually find rather difficult to achieve in performance wear. Asking a pair of leggings to hold you in — as to not get in the way of a heavy kettlebell clean or deadlift PR — while also not bunching at the hips or flattening your butt like a pancake is actually a tall order. So when you find ~the one~, you make it official...and buy, like, five pairs. (

I personally wear the Lululemon Fast and Free Tight with a 28-inch inseam for a full-length but ankle-baring look, but there's an entire Fast and Free Collection with a 31-inch inseam option, a slightly more revealing 25-inch length, a cropped style, and even shorts. They each feature the brand's Nulux fabric for weightless, cool-to-the-touch coverage. (

And from the looks of the on-site reviews, I'm not the only one who adores these versatile pants. "These are my favorite tights for spin, barre, running, and daily life," wrote one shopper. "They feel great and look great. The side pockets are a must."

Another shopper echoes these sentiments, writing: "I love these tights! These fit perfect and are stylish for everyday use. I have been living in these."

While yes, the price tag is a bit higher than what you might pay for, say an Amazon Lululemon dupe, trust me when I say these leggings are worth the investment and sweat equity.


Buy It: Lululemon Fast and Free 28" Tight, or 25" Tight, $128,

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