These Under Armour Leggings Have a No-Slip Waistband to Prevent Them from Sliding Down

New leggings from Under Armour provide a solution to one of the most annoying problems.

Under Armour Created a No-Slip Waistband to Solve the Worst Leggings Problem
Photo: Under Armour

There's no disputing that leggings are the best type of pants, but they can still come with downsides. Sometimes an otherwise perfect pair can cause camel toe or fail the squat test. And if you've ever had a pair of leggings that constantly fall down when you're wearing them, you know that can be one of the most annoying (and persistent) issues of all. You'll also probably be intrigued to know that Under Armour created a waistband to solve the problem.

The Under Armour No-Slip Waistband is a mid- to high-rise waistband with hidden reinforcement to help leggings stay up. The waistband is made of two layers of fabric, and on the insides of both layers are strips of silicone printed onto the fabric. Sandwiched together, the silicone provides grip so that the waistband stays in place throughout workouts. (

Under Armour added the waistband to various versions of its HeatGear leggings, which are intended to keep you cool during warm-weather workouts. The waistband is also incorporated into some of the brand's UA RUSH leggings, which are made of a mineral-infused fabric that's designed to promote energy return. So if you want to try the new waistband, you'll have your pick of everything from basic black leggings such as the Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour No-Slip Waistband Mid-Rise Full-Length Leggings (Buy It, $50,, to the Women's HeatGear Armour No-Slip Waistband Graphic Ankle Leggings (Buy It, $50,, which feature neon logos along one side.

Of course, your main concern is probably whether the waistband actually lives up to its name. To find out, Shape social media writer Jasmine Phillips tried out a pair of Under Armour Women's UA RUSH No-Slip Waistband Tonal Full-Length Leggings (Buy It, $75, To put them to the ultimate test, she wore them during a series of butt exercises, since she's noticed those tend to make her leggings slip the most. Specifically, she wore them while doing squats, lunges, and Bulgarian split squats.

"Finding a pair of leggings that don't slide down during workouts — or even just sitting down — has been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember," she says. "I tested Under Armour's No-Slip Waistband leggings and I was pleasantly surprised. While I typically find myself pulling up leggings after every few reps (especially during butt workouts), with these leggings, I very rarely had to do so." Long story short, they get her stamp of approval. "Overall, I did like these leggings and will be adding them to my rotation," says Phillips. (

Customers who've reviewed leggings with the no-slip waistband on the Under Armour site seem to have had similar results. "These pants are everything," one person wrote about the Under Armour No-Slip Waistband Printed Ankle Leggings (Buy It, $50, "I am a curvy girl with a small waist, so was excited to try out the no-slip waistband. I just did a HIIT workout at home and did not have to keep pulling up my pants after every squat! I'm looking forward to trying out the other no-slip waistband products!"

"Not only did I wear these a day and they are super comfortable but I worked out and didn't have to adjust or pull them up once," another person wrote about the same style. "Why can't all pants be made like this!" (

No one needs the distraction of the waistband of their leggings rolling down when they're cranking out squat jumps or going on a run. Now you can suit up for workouts in a pair you know was designed with the intention to solve that problem.

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