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Stop Everything! Lisa Frank Now Makes Workout Clothes for Women

Say the words "Lisa Frank" and immediately anyone over 25 will starting picturing pandas and unicorns frolicking under neon rainbow dreamscapes (while remembering the smell of cafeteria food). When we were 90s kids, we could only get our quirky-cute animal fix via stickers, notebooks, and smelly pencils. But now you can take the iconic artist's endearingly wacky designs with you to the gym thanks to a new nostalgia-soaked line of leggings, tees, and tanks.

We combed through the selection and picked out our favorite must-haves for the gym. (Such a hard job, but somebody had to do it!) Because who doesn't want to want to hit the weights looking like a glow-in-the-dark sparkle kitten?

Skye Leggings

How cool is this? Every time you squat and stand back up in these Skye Leggings ($39.99;, a unicorn gets its wings...literally.

Character Tank

Can't decide between big-eyed puppies, cuddly polar bears, and ponies with rainbow hair? You don't have to choose with the Character Collage Tank Top ($34.99;


Unicorn Leggings

Lisa Frank isn't exactly known for being subtle or restrained, but these polka-dot Pretty Unicorn Leggings ($39.99; are sweetly cute and the most understated piece in the lot.

Majestry Crop

Crop tops are having a major moment at the gym so why not add a sparkly star-eyed unicorn to the fun with the Majesty Crop ($34.99; You'll get to show off your abs, and every time you catch your own reflection in the mirror, it'll be like she's winking right at you.


Hunter Leggings

Would having a baby cheetah on your legs make you run faster? Try out these Hunter Leggings ($39.99; and get back to us on that, stat!

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