Or during any other workouts (okay, or relaxing), for that matter.

By By Marietta Alessi
April 12, 2019
Photo: Lululemon

No, Really, You Need This features wellness products our editors and experts feel so passionately about that they can basically guarantee it will make your life better in some way. If you've ever asked yourself, "This seems cool, but do I really ~need~ it?" the answer this time is yes.

As a relatively new runner, I've heard horror stories about chafing but never had to worry much-that is, until I started prepping for my first multi-day race in the Serengeti. I'd be running with lions and elephants and zebras (oh my!) for nearly 50 miles. (See the full story here: I Ran 45 Miles In the African Serengeti Surrounded By Wildlife and Armed Guards)

Suddenly those chafing fears became very real. I started having daymares about bloody nipples.

So I became determined to find gear-a sports bra, specifically-that felt as comfortable as possible but that was durable too. I knew I was going to pretty much live in this bra for all of my cross-training workouts as well as my runs, so it had to provide enough support, but also not kill me to take off. And, hopefully, it would be cute enough to appear in any and all race-day 'grams.

Enter: the Lululemon Energy Bra ($52, shop.lululemon.com). Made with their fancy Luxtreme technology, this sweat-wicking cross-strap bra is engineered to stretch four ways without shrinking or tugging-making it damn comfy no matter what you put it through. It's one of their most popular sports bras and is available in 12 colors and seven different sizes online. (P.S. Lululemon Launched an Everyday Bra-and It Feels Like Wearing Nothing)

And I can promise you, I put this baby through the wringer: strength training, tempo runs, cycling, boxing, and trail running in Africa. It totally exceeded my expectations, showing no wear and tear after countless wears and washes. (Need help getting the stink out of your workout clothes? Try this.)

I'm sure you're looking at it and thinking, "With those straps, how can it be comfy?" IDK how they did it, but they did. Proof: I had to Marie Kondo my way into only packing a duffle and backpack for a 12-day active vacation and, as a result, I had to make some sacrifices. In this case, it meant wearing this sports bra during travel. That's right: I even wore this bra on my 24-hour travel journey to Africa itself. (Disclaimer: I am small-chested, so this may be a factor in the fit. But if I can travel across multiple continents and Netflix and chill in it for multiple seasons of Friends, you know they've done something right.)

The other reason you really need this sports bra: It's supportive and cute. The strappy woven back makes your lat muscles look incredible, and if you're like me and always overheat when you exercise, it allows for a little extra ventilation too. (Lululemon also spent two years designing this sports bra specifically for running.)

A tried-and-true sports bra that can last through 24 hours of travel, 45 miles of trail without any chafing, and brings sexy back enough for an Instagram post? Just take my money. Take all of it. (Although, it comes in at $52 which, by Lululemon standards, is pretty much a steal.) I think I've finally found my glass slipper-er, sports bra.

Buy It: Lululemon Energy Bra, $52, shop.lululemon.com

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