Lululemon's new bra bottles the feeling of taking your bra off at the end of the day.

By By Sara Gaynes Levy
September 25, 2018
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Photo: Lululemon

Taking your bra off at the end of a long day is heavenly. (One of my favorite jokes on New Girl is when Jess says losing her job isn't so bad because her "boobs don't have to go to boob jail every day"-that pretty much sums up how I feel about bras.)

So when Lululemon said they wanted to create a bra that made you feel even better than no bra-"better than naked," as they put it-I wasn't sure it was even possible. There are very few feelings that compete with being free from boob jail.

They call it the "Like Nothing" bra-a lightweight, seamless, underwire-free creation. And I don't totally get how it works, but somehow, they did it. I had a baby recently, and thanks to breastfeeding, my boobs basically feel terrible all the time. In fact, I haven't even been able to feel the joy of that taking-off-your-bra moment in months. But when I first put on the Like Nothing, my boobs weren't uncomfortable, or feeling heavy, or bumming me out. They actually felt, dare I say, good?

As I wore it more, I realized that the bra employs some kind of magic to both hold your boobs up (aka the good part of wearing a bra) and let them feel not restrained (the bad part). When I asked one of the bra's innovators, Alexandra Plante, the director of women's design at Lululemon, how it manages to do both, she explained that the bra uses a combination of super-soft, barely-there fabric (Lulu calls it "light Ultralu") and strategic, seamless bonding, which transfers the weight of your breasts to the band instead of the straps. The end product is a bra that you hardly notice you're wearing. In fact, when I wore it to a hot yoga class, every time I did a forward fold I felt an impulse to check and see if I was spilling out of it. But I never was. The material is just that weightless-I literally forgot it was there. (Related: What to Know Before Buying a Sports Bra, According to the People Who Design Them)

It also held up well to the intense sweat of hot yoga, though this is the first Lululemon bra that's really meant for *everyday wear* beyond workouts. Plante told me that they decided to make a bra that was more versatile while they were researching their popular Enlite bra-they kept hearing from customers that they couldn't find a bra that was extremely comfortable, capable of handling a busy, active day, and looked chic. (Related: Lululemon Spent Two Years Designing the Perfect Sports Bra) I'm definitely one of those customers, and the Like Nothing delivers-but note that it's definitely best for low-impact activities like yoga, especially if you're busty (like me). And while for yoga I loved feeling weightless support because it didn't get in the way of my flow at all, I wouldn't want to feel like I had on nothing in, say, a HIIT class.

But in a bralette-obsessed world, this is a great option for something that feels super comfortable, has an amazing sweat-wicking fabric, and actually gives us busty girls some support. I might even leave it on when I get home at the end of the day.

Lululemon "Like Nothing" bra, comes in sizes 32B-E, 34A-E, 36A-E, 38C-DD. ($68;

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